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We are going to elaborate how to prepare a case study that will leave an impression on your tutors.

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  • Read your case exhaustively – as you are examining your case, take notes and highlight the relevant facts while putting special emphasis on your problem.
  • Analyze – identify the major problems and their impact.
  • Discover possible solutions – by reviewing discussions, other researchers and your own experience, you may come up with a number of solutions.
  • Suggest the best solution – by using supporting evidence, you have to show why and how this is the best solution.

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If you are a nursing, sociology, anthropology or nursing student you are probably familiar with case studies. It is defined as a “subcategory of research design which investigates problems and offers solutions.” Case studies are used to study people, groups or a situation. Writing a case study is a daunting task that students don’t want to deal with. Daunting because it involves a lot of research, preparation and investigation which consumes time. Time is something that most students don’t have either because of family or work obligations.

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There are few common types of case studies but the type depends on the topic.

Case studies are in the following domains:

  1. Historical case studies: Historical events have a momentous amount of information to learn from. There are always modern parallels from the perspectives that history offers.
  2. Problem-oriented case studies: These are for solving problems. Usually assigned in theoretical and hypothetical situations, you are supposed to immerse yourself and solve these problems. They are very vital for socio-economic discussions.
  3. Cumulative case studies: You collect information and offer comparisons.
  4. Critical case studies: These explore the causes and effects of certain cases.
  5. Illustrative case studies: Describe certain events and investigate outcomes and lessons learnt.