Compare the nursing codes of ethics for your specialty practice, national, and international practice areas.

.Explore some of the rationale behind the move toward more of a technologically based learning experience in nursing education and in healthcare overall. What are the benefits to this? How about patient education in the hospital setting?

2.What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your work or school setting? Least beneficial? Why do you find this tool useful or not? Then, using your imagination, look to the future and think about how this tool could be enhanced even further. Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.

  1. What is the BSN nurse’s role in palliative care and how does that role differ from the role of the AND or diploma-prepared nurse?




  1. What ethical concerns might a nurse face when a patient chooses palliative care over treatment?


Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.




Discussion 2: (One Page paper) on Genetics and Genomics

Over the years, there has been some debate around the topic of genetics and genomics. Using the resources available, research an instance in which the role of genetics an


d genomics in nursing practice has been questioned. What would you have done in this situation? How was the nurse’s response appropriate or inappropriate? Answer the following:

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