Completing a lab project

I am interested to know how long it took you to complete this lab. You are not required to provide this information, but it would be very helpful for me to understand the burden of labor I’m placing on students with this lab. I assure you that your time-to-complete will not have ANY impact on your grade—even if it took you 4 minutes or 4 hours, I just want an honest understanding of how long it takes.

Time to complete this lab was:_______

Module 7 Lab

1. AiroPeek NX

After reading the instructions for this lab, please compose a 300-word narrative here about your understanding of AiroPeek. Include a screen shot that shows your peeking as Appendix A below. Your screen shot needs to include the date/time and something in the shot that demonstrates you are using your own computer to complete the lab. How would this have been different if you’d collected the packets on your own?

As a reminder, your narrative is not intended to be a book report/article report. No quotation is allowed in your narrative and plagiarism is certainly not allowed. Please note that 300 words is the minimum, therefore, please do not submit work less than 300 words. I don’t like to be a stickler about this but requiring a minimum word count is one way I maintain the minimum expectation for depth of description/understanding of the subject matter.

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