Compose a 1000 words essay on Media-Mix

Compose a 1000 words essay on Media-Mix. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file “Media-Mix” to see previous pages… Another advertising objective is encouraging the customers’ recall of past satis

Compose a 1000 words essay on Media-Mix. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file “Media-Mix” to see previous pages…Another advertising objective is encouraging the customers’ recall of past satisfaction. Tapping familiar celebrities and making them do several commercials for the product would somehow make the audience believe that these are loyal and satisfied customers which further influences them into thinking that they,

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too, are satisfied with the products that they purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

However, most of the company’s advertisements are for the purposes of modifying and reinforcing their target market’s attitude towards their product. This is reflected on the controversial themes of their promotional materials. The issues thrown against the ads alone could show the audience how different the product is and how bold and daring one can seem by wearing that brand (Frisby, 2000).

Promotion is a company’s way of reaching out to a target market or audience to communicate a certain message. To be able to transmit the message and tow a large number of consumers to buy a product, a company or manufacturer should have the most effective and appropriate promotional strategies and techniques.

Victoria’s Secret, as a brand and a company, has had several critics regarding the advertisement of their products. Effective as they may be, some print or broadcast advertisements roused both negative and positive reactions from supporters and detractors. Some ads just do not work for a certain part of the audience. No matter how minor this part is, it is still a vital share of the consumers. Therefore, it is also helpful to experiment with the different types of media and combine the different advertising strategies.

Since this company’s target market include women, specifically those who go for the fashionable and sexy lingerie and underwear, advertisements include endorsers who exhibit qualities that most women want to have. For instance, some of the print ads show sexy supermodels- the ones with physiques that young ladies work hard for. Another is selling at a particular area where customers are said to abound. In the case of Victoria’s Secret, this may include schools or recreational areas where girls often hang out. This and other broadcast advertisements do not only help promote and sell the product but also extend the company’s public relations and help the company expand their business.

In terms of keeping guest inflow in their website, the company has used one effective strategy. Using the site as a way to get the latest info about the products and having a live simulcast of a certain event over the internet greatly support the company’s promotional agenda and sales and profit in general.


As mentioned earlier, advertisements do not always suit an audience’s taste and are important factors in controlling a company’s sales. If a certain market finds the advertisement appealing, the product’s brand or company would easily stick to their minds. An informative advertisement would stimulate curiosity among the audience and lead them to check out the product. If the advertisement is persuasive enough, then more consumers would eventually buy and support the items that that company manufactures.

There are different types of media to choose from when trying to promote a certain brand or product.

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