Compose a 1500 words essay on Performance Management for Human Resources

Compose a 1500 words essay on Performance Management for Human Resources. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file “Performance Management for Human Resources” to see previous pages… The task invol

Compose a 1500 words essay on Performance Management for Human Resources. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file “Performance Management for Human Resources” to see previous pages…The task involved three people playing the role of HR staffs and three people playing the role of employees. The staffs were initially trained to fold two patterns in paper – a pop gun and a shuriken. The trained staffs were then instructed to teach and coach the employee-trainees, one on one. Each coaching staff was to teach one employee-trainee regarding the proper folding of papers to produce the two patterns.

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During the class presentation, the trained audiences show their learning by performing the task requirement. The performance of each employee was then assessed with regards to quality of work and time consumed through a 360-degree approach. After the presentation, the three audiences and three staffs were given feedback forms to evaluate the performance of one another.

An effective performance management for human resource defines the goals and objectives of the program. Management by objectives, or MBO, is employed in most performance management systems where a set of goals or deliverables are put together (Drucker, 1986). The goal of the class task is to evaluate and improve the performance outcomes of each staff and each member. Goal-setting draws employee into the performance management process and gives them a blueprint for improving performance.

The class presentation is a simple task that involved folding two patterns of paper. The task specified key requirements which are folding a pattern of a pop gun and a shuriken. The pop gun served as a standard measurement of performance while the shuriken served as a bonus. Defining the job requirements would guide the audience on the tasks and on the assessment criteria on how their performance will be measured. The class task had demonstrated clear job descriptions and responsibilities.

The manner of training employed utilises the coaching approach. The trained staffs served as coaches for the audience. In order to maximise the learning of the audience, the number of coaching staff employed were with the same number of audience to be trained. Coaching is a way of learning that is highly personal, flexible and individualised. The approach enhances and develops the performance of individuals. Coaching is a direct means of increasing the competency of the trainee. (Caplan, 2003)

The performance appraisal of the tasks is directed with three objectives. First is to establish a systematic way of evaluating performance. Second is to provide constructive feedback. And third is to enable the audience to improve their job performance. (Messmer, 2007)

With regards to the class task, it has established a systematic way of evaluating the performance of the audience through minimum criteria for evaluations of performance. The performance outcomes of each audience or employee are evaluated using defined criteria. The criteria include following the folding instructions correctly. folding done neatly. testing the finish product. and measuring the time to finish.

The criteria such as following instructions, quality of folding and testing of finish product were evaluated by the staffs using a performance protocol. whether it were performed good, moderate or poor.

Time consumption standards were established beforehand. The standard time for creating the pop gun pattern was 2mins and 15secs. The standard time that would be consumed for making the shuriken pattern was 4mins and 50secs.

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