Compose a 6500 words essay on Learning Models and Business Training

Compose a 6500 words essay on Learning Models and Business Training. Needs to be plagiarism free!Download file to see previous pages 143, 1986).The separate course model incorporates a course focused

Compose a 6500 words essay on Learning Models and Business Training. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Download file to see previous pages143, 1986).

The separate course model incorporates a course focused specifically on issues related to slow learners. This model requires that room for a separate course be made in a curriculum that may be full. In addition, the needs of all students may not be met by including a single course (Myers &amp. Blake, p. 143, 1986).

The area of concentration model includes several courses taught in the counsellor education department and generally integrates an applied experience in a geriatric setting (Myers &amp. Blake, p. 143, 1986). Few programs, however, are likely to have the necessary resources to implement this model.

The interdisciplinary model utilizes courses from other departments, and thus decreases the need for counsellor educator involvement. In this last educational model, a minimum of one course in training teaching would be necessary to draw together students who are interested in training and teaching to “bridge the gap between subject matter and teaching” (Myers &amp. Blake, p. 143, 1986).

A cognitive learning theorist would believe that the integrative model would be effective because information is presented over an extended period of time and in relation to similar material. This extended learning period would promote effective storage and retrieval of the information. The separate course model promotes learning in a compacted period of time and out of context from information to which it is closely related. Hence, the learning process involved in the separate course model is not as likely to be as effective as the integrative model. (Felder, pp674-681, 1988)Moreover, information presented in a singular course may not be relevant to the needs of each student. (Oxford Brookes University)Therefore, he/she is less likely to attend to and learn this information. The area of concentration model would be effective from the standpoint that it does involve both cognitive learning (obtaining knowledge) and improving skills (behavioural practice). Yet, the increasing of awareness is lacking The interdisciplinary model provides a broad foundation of information for students, and it provides the opportunity to integrate information about learning with teaching methods. For this last model to be more effective, a practicum or internship component would be necessary.

The professional who is providing services to slow learners must take into account the multitude of problems with which they present (Lewinsohn et al., pp. 187-202, 1984).

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