• Doss, D. A., Glover Jr., W. H., Gozz, R. A., & Wiggington Jr., M. (2016). Chapter 17: Communication within the justice system. Foundations of Communication in Criminal Justice Systems, 1-30.
  • Ledbetter, D. (2015). Opening the doors of communication to constituents. Corrections Today, 77(5), 14-15.

Write a 1,050- to 1,225-word paper on effective communication based on course materials. Include the following:

· Describe the importance of effective communication in the correctional setting.

· Use course materials in your description to support your information.

· Provide an example of effective communication in the correctional setting.

· Explain the reason for written documentation in the correctional setting.

· Use course materials in your explanation to support your information.

· Provide at least two examples of what may occur when inappropriate written documentation is used.

· Describe how listening is important to effective communication.

Include a minimum of two reputable sources in your paper. (HINT: Course materials will count for these sources)

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