Discuss your critical thinking process when doing a physical assessment.

Discuss your critical thinking process when doing a physical assessment. How do you use clinical judgement to prioritize your care? How do you evaluate your diagnostic reasoning skill after you have identified a patient problem? Explain how you use problem identification as a fluid, rather than static, process. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria (Read me First Section of the Course). Cite any resources/references in APA formatting that were used in the discussion. Unit 7 Peer Response (Due Sunday) Estimated time to complete: 2 hours Please respond to a minimum of two peers. Include in your response: In your response please consider the following when replying: Compare your use of clinical judgment in the assessment process to your peer’s. Explain the validity of identifying patient problems based on the data collected but also on your “gut feeling.” Give an example of this from your practice. Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format. Unit 8 Discussion Reflection Answer the following question: Based on the course learning objectives listed below, explaining the most important concepts you learned from this course and how you think you might apply these concepts in your future career? Course Objectives Formulate health assessments for individuals across the lifespan. Discuss the role of assessment as the starting point of all models of clinical reasoning. Consider lifecycle and cross-cultural factors when performing a health assessment. Relate the patient age and health status to the frequency of health assessment and the data collected. Collect relevant and problem-specific health history information utilizing interviewing skills that are appropriate to the developmental, educational, psychological, and cultural characteristics of clients. Analyze the findings of health assessments and health screenings to differentiate normal from abnormal findings. Explore the differences between health screening, health assessment, health maintenance, and health education. Utilize the current National Health Agenda to assess and address risk factors/issues in the internal and external environment that relate to health promotion and illness prevention.

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