Information Sheet for GCU Volunteer Placement

By this time, you have been to your site at least once, maybe several times. From what you have seen so far, what theories, research findings, concepts, or other knowledge in your field do you think will be most applicable to you as a volunteer? Explain your reasons. As you look at the responses of other volunteers, especially those in the same major as you, what are your thoughts about what they wrote? That is, can you understand why they wrote what they did? Can you suggest other theories, concepts, research findings, etc., that they didn’t think of? If so, explain to them why you think these other ideas might help their volunteer

Information Sheet for GCU Volunteer Placement

Grand Canyon University

3300 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85017


Name of Volunteer: Yeni Hernandez

Address: 8574 SW 208 ST Miami 33189

Phone: 7867093597

E-mail Address:

Site Name: Principle Health Services : Feed the Children Volunteer Program

Address:11400 N Kendall Drive Miami 33186

Supervising/Contact Person: Carmen Amador




Description of Site

1. Number of Principles: 3

Number of Employers:1

Number of [estimated yearly] student volunteers: 25

2. Type of workforce/Area of practice: Home Health and Volunteer Programs

The workforce required ranges from nurse practitioners to clerics. So many different professionals would be suitable for the kind of work done. There is no specific type of workforce required in the volunteer program. However, nurse volunteers are very much vital to the organization. There are many donors to the organization that facilitate the day to day operations with their kind donations to the organization

3. Subject of work for student volunteer:

The volunteers assist in the distribution of foodstuffs from the collection sites to the various feeding centers set up by the organization. As for the nurse volunteers, they are attached to the teams moving food to the centers. The main duty for nurse volunteers is to subordinate the medical team in providing medical services to children present at the various feeding centers.

4. Any special features or descriptions of work environment: ( YES)

The organization receives numerous applications from volunteers across the nation. At any given moment, there are several teams of volunteers working with the organization’s team to coordinate donations and distribution of foodstuffs to the feeding centers. The volunteer program does not only fulfill the personal joy of giving but also facilitates networking and socializing. The volunteers can meet and interact with people from other professions as well as their own. The program also offers a chance for the volunteers to engage with the local communities and learn the different cultures. The experience gained through the program is quite special. The entire volunteer program also eliminates the risk of starving among many children in the community.

Description of Volunteer Placement Tasks to be completed by Student

5. General Communications: (e.g. Telephone, Personal, Formal, etc.)

Much of the communication in Feed the Children Volunteer organization is conducted via personal forms. The personal forms require the applicants to indicate their contact details such as telephone numbers which would be used in case of any further communication required. The organization makes its formal communication through the official contacts indicated. However, communication via emails is also used for an advanced level of communication that involves sending of documents.

6. Research and Writing: (e.g. Letters, Memorandums, Reports, Notes, Desktop Publishing)

The organization requires more volunteers in this sector due to the numerous research processes and documentation procedures undertaken. Each activity undertaken in each day must be documented in a formal procedure. Before an initiative or exercise is undertaken, the organization must conduct preliminary research and issue a report to the donors and sponsors. The process includes drafting of plans, statistical reporting about each feeding center and the number of children. All the documentation is very crucial to serve as future reference. The volunteers are engaged in drafting memorandums, taking minutes during formal meetings, drafting reports, note taking and publishing any necessary material that is required.

7. Clerical: (e.g. Filing, Automated Systems, Calendaring)

Among the tasks undertaken by volunteers in the organization, planning the calendar of events is the most important. Normally, the organization has so many events and activities to be

done. Therefore, planning the dates for each event and activity is very crucial since it ensures that the flow of operations is not interrupted at any time. Volunteers who undertake clerical duties must have high proficiency in computing, data entry, and processing skills, as well as excellent record keeping and planning skills. The volunteers should also be familiar with office equipment and have good communication skills. This will be very crucial when handling official calls on behalf of the organization. However, the experienced staff members within the organization are ever available to offer guidance to the volunteers.

8. Academic course work especially desired:

There is no specific course requirement for volunteers in the organization. Most of the duties given to the volunteers are manageable for any sound-minded person with basic knowledge and skills. However, volunteers with nursing knowledge and skills are very much helpful to the organization. A college diploma or degree in nursing practice is more desirable in the organization. This is because the nurse practitioners assist so much in extending medical services to the children fed by the organization. It is desired that the volunteers be highly motivated, disciplined and willing to learn the basic organizational skills relevant to Feed the Children volunteer organization.

9. Any other information you would like to provide in order to more fully inform, or interest the student in this volunteer opportunity: (e.g. describe experiences where the student will learn what it would be like to be a practitioner in the area he or she is studying. This could involve inviting the student to attend workshops, meetings, ride-along, counseling sessions, etc.)

Volunteering does not only benefit those being served but also the volunteers themselves. It is a channel through which an individual gets to interact with the community and understand the needs of the people first hand. Nursing students who volunteer in the program gain a lot of experience through working with experienced medical practitioners in the field. In conclusion, the volunteers get a chance to give back to society. The organization schedules for specific dates each month to inform our potential volunteer partners and donors about the organization’s mission in society.

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