. Management of agency social media accounts

Social media policies are important in ensuring that a communications release is done so at the appropriate time and covers the appropriate information. Understanding the importance of social media, develop a plan for the use of social media by an EMS agency. In a two- to three-page paper, discuss how your plan would cover the following issues:

1. Management of agency social media accounts 2. Assurance of patient privacy 3. Requirements of information releases 4. Expectation for interaction with followers during a crisis 5. Social media use by agency members (i.e. personal social media accounts)

The paper must be analytical in nature, with five to seven pages as a minimum expectation. The length of the paper does not include the reference or title page.All papers must be typed, double spaced.Use APA style.Include a minimum of one book (not a text used in other coursework) or four journal articles regarding public administration in your bibliography.It is probably easiest to first pick a specific course (e.g. policy development, government and administration, public budgeting, etc.) and then look at how the issues treated in it are handled in your agency or organization. The course texts and syllabi can serve as a good inspiration for selecting the book to read for this project.

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