Advanced Nursing Practice: A Philosophical Perspective
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Formulate a professional nursing philosophy based upon the role and responsibilities of the advanced nurse.
first develop a draft of your personal philosophy of advanced practice nursing.
philosophical statement includes these elements:
An introduction that presents your thought processes used to articulate a philosophy of advanced practice nursing.
Valued personal concepts such as:
Metaparadigm concepts such as person/client nursing health and environment
Additional concepts you may find valuable to advanced practice such as IOM Future of Nursing accountability interprofessional collaborative practice social justice and professionalism
Definition of each concept selected
Relationships between and among concepts within your personal philosophy as applied to your current practice as a Home care Nurse. A diagram with should be used to graphically depict these interrelationships.
textbook should be used and must be supplemented by current literature from peer-reviewed nursing journals no older than 5 years.
Additional resources to support this Assignment include:
Reflection: Readings
IOM Future of Nursing
Interprofessional collaborative practice
Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice
Chapter 3: The Essentials of the Doctor of Nursing Practice: A Philosophical Perspective
Grading rubric
1. Include an introduction that identifies the purpose of the paper.
2. Define describe and explain your personal thoughts feelings and beliefs about the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm:
a. Person/client
b. Nursing
c. Health
d. Environment
3. Relate how these four concepts apply to your current practice as a home care nurse. 4.Create a diagram that graphically depicts this relationship
5. Include a conclusion: The conclusion should tie together what you have written in a manner that makes a judgment about the content presented. It makes explicit the implicit in the writing.
6. All organization documentation and references must follow APA format.

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