PICO Question Examples

PICO is a popular mnemonic in nursing. P stands for Patient/Problem, I for Intervention, C for Comparison and O for Outcome. PICO is used by nursing students to generate answers from seemingly vague questions. PICO question examples such as “How effective is handwashing in reducing infections?” can be broken down in the following manner:

  • What Population is this question referring to? Is it adults, adolescents or children?
  • The Intervention is handwashing
  • Comparison – Are there other methods that can reduce infections other than handwashing?
  • Outcome – the intended outcome in this scenario is reduced infections.

PICO questions aim is to focus on experiences and different point of views and to enrich the students’ understanding through the analysis of words. PICO questions require a considerable time of effort and time that students mostly don’t have due to stringent deadlines, emergencies and other life commitments. If you are struggling with your custom essay, we are there to offer quality and professional coursework help to all nursing students.

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