Preparing Research papers and presentations require not only skill but also creativity. The skills involved in preparing a presentation are: computer skills and the organizational skills of the presenter. In the corporate world, such presentations are made for potential customers and higher up colleagues while for students, these are made for your professor and your fellow students. Presentations are essential for students because they help in the building of confidence and stage presence.

Research papers and presentations

When students are ill prepared, they look for free presentations on the internet which are either plagiarized (stealing and copying someone else’s intellectual property and presenting it as your own) or of poor quality. What results is poor grades or worse.

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Research papers and term papers differ in a few but major ways. The purpose of a research paper is to gain deeper understanding of a topic through research and development of a hypothesis while the purpose of a term paper is to sharpen a student’s skills and prove that the class has given them enough knowledge to form their own opinion. Research papers are assigned randomly while term papers are assigned as the final assignment of a semester. All in all writing a research paper or a term paper is not an easy task. In fact students struggle with these two all the time.

Research papers and presentations

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