Social Media in Practice and Education

 The purpose of this assignment is to explore the literature for exemplars of the use of social media in nursing practice and education and to propose ideas for future use. With a large majority of adults using social media, it is understandable that we explore social media as a means to aid practice and education. The following statistics were recorded by the Pew Research Center (2014). As of September 2014: • 71% of online adults use Facebook • 23% of online adults use Twitter • 26% use Instagram • 28% use Pinterest • 28% use LinkedIn Reference: Pew Research Center (2014). The social networking fact sheet. Retrieved from, (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. 1) Review the grading rubric below for specifics on content criteria. • NUR581_Social_Media_Paper_C&W.pdf 2) Perform a literature review on the use of social media in nursing practice and education. At least 5 sources should be cited. Sources are sufficient, and all are scholarly, current (within the last 10 years), and credible. 3) Prepare a summary of the findings of your literature review that includes multiple exemplary uses of social media in nursing practice and education. 4) Propose ideas on how you can incorporate social media into nursing practice and education. Clearly state ideas for future use of social media in nursing practice and education. Be sure to include practical and detailed suggestions for implementation and address safety and security of information, as well as any rules, regulations, or laws that may apply. 5) Your paper should follow APA formatting correctly including all required section headings, appendices, figures, and charts. No spelling, grammar, or other errors are identified, and the in­text and references citations are in APA format without error. **Important- The body of your paper should not exceed 10 typed pages (this number excludes title page and references). No more than 5% of the paper’s total word count consists of direct quotes, and all work not cited is original.

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