. What are some of the ideologies that exist in both movements?

HLS 2301 UNIT II Discussion Board Question

In this unit, we have discussed the vast differences between right- and left-wing ideologies. What are some of the ideologies that exist in both movements?

In your peer reply, be sure to examine the different thoughts and viewpoints that your fellow peers have expressed about right- and left-wing movements.

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it this is what they wrote:

Both right and left wing ideologies have the same political ideologies. Both are disposed to censor their rivals, to handle harshly with their enemies, to detriment the health even the innocent to serve a purpose, and to utilize cruel tactics if essential to ‘persuade’ humanity of the wisdom of their goals (Bauer, Barberá, Ackermann, & Venetz, 2017). Both incline to oppose or support civil liberties in a greatly partisan and self-centered fashion, backing freedom for themselves and for the groups. Both ideologies have their alienation intensified by the unyielding, zealous approach that they hold their beliefs (Van Elsas, Hakhverdian, & Van der Brug, 2016). Both camps have an inflexible political feature characterized by the affinity to view political and social affairs in stereotypical, crude, and unambiguous terms.

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