Week 1 Discussion Read the directions for locating a scholarly article at the course materials area… Locate a correlation research study on any topic in life-span development. It must be a correlation study from within the last the five years, 2013-2018. Chapter 1 has some excellent examples of correlation studies. Your article could be from a different country if that is your interest. You should select a developmental stage such as prenatal development, infancy, early childhood, middle/late childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle-adulthood, old, older, oldest adulthood, centenarians, super-centenarian’s, death, dying, bereavement. Then scan through your text in that stage and look at some topics of interest. Read your article and IN YOUR OWN WORDS POST: 1. Explain what the authors were investigating and explain the developmental stage that you are investigating and explain why you selected the particular stage…found in the introduction section 2. What the purpose of their study…found in the introduction section 3. What did the researchers hope to show…found in the introduction section 4. What was their hypothesis…found at the end of the introductions section 5. Who were their study participants? Where did they come from? Did they receive any benefit for participation? found in the methods section 6. What was expected of them? Did they complete interviews, surveys, in-depth/clinical interviews, standardized tests, what did they do? found in the methods section 7. Explain the outcome of the study. Found in the discussion section. You must answer all seven questions and respond to two others posts in order to receive points for this post. If you would like to comment on the statistical applications mentioned in the results section please do so. DO NOT, DO NOT CUT AND PASTE THE ABSTRACT AND PLACE IT IN DISCUSSION BOARD…That would be plagerism. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR OWN THREAD. DO NOT POST YOUR threads to another’s. You are going to REPLY to two other’s threads/RESEARCH ARTICLES. What did you think of their selected correlation study? Make sure to cite your reference so that I am able to locate your articles and read them. Example: Campbell, L., (2015), Attachment, and Psychological Abandonment in Adolescence, Journal of Clinical Psychology, vol61, 398-449 Chapter 2=30 points 1. There are over 100,000 media selections on the topic of Down Syndrome…and that is You Tube alone. Locate and review one that you think would be beneficial for us to view. Explain why you selected it and explain why you think your selection is a good teaching tool. Be sure to post the URL so that we could locate it. NO DUPLICATES PLEASE SO POST EARLY!!! Watch Video Physical Turners Syndrome traits! Duration: (12:38) User: n/a – Added: 9/30/13 Watch Video Fragile X journey with the Justus family Duration: (6:46) User: n/a – Added: 9/16/13 Watch Video The Shadow of the Thalidomide Tragedy | Retro Report | The New York Times Duration: (12:08) User: n/a – Added: 9/23/13 Hello all! When you email me please remember to place your section number, Psy W66 in the subject area of the email. Thank you Chapter 2 question 1. Go to you tube and locate what you believe is an excellent explanation of basic genetic principles. Tell us why you selected this particular segment and why you feel that it is a good learning tool. 2-3 sentences 2. View/WATCH… Physical turners syndrome traits by teen mom…12 minutes 38 seconds it is a teen mom discussing her daughter Lilly’s chromosomal disorder. Is this a good teaching tool for you all? Why or why not? 3-4 sentences 3. Living with Sickle Cell…there are several…look for one on you tube, watch it, and explain to us why you found this one so interesting. Make sure to post the name and the URL so that we could view it. 3-4 sentences NO DUPLICATIONS PLEASE 4. VIEW?WATCH Living with fragile X…..what are your thoughts about this media selection? Explain what you believe are the strengths and weaknesses of this media selection.3-4 sentences 5. What is your opinion of evolutionary developmental psychology? Does this new orientation make sense to you for the entire life-span? 3-4 sentences 6. View the Shadow of Thalidomide…your thoughts please…3-4 sentences Week 2 Discussion WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS THAT I HAVE CLOSED POST ONE FOR GRADING. YOU SHOULD EXPECT TO SEE YOUR GRADE IN 5-6 DAYS… Read chapter 3 and then reflect on : The Shadow of Thalidomide Tragedy, A Retrospective analysis… Knowing what you now know about teratogens…would you approve the use of thalidomide for cancer research? Why or why not? 6 sentences… Go to the Changing The Face of Medicine website and read about Dr. Frances Kathleen Oldham Kelsey. In your opinion which of the teratogens mentioned in our text is of most concern to you and why? Locate a scholarly article or some information from the CDC or March of Dimes website about the teratogen that you have selected. Explain to us some of the long term concerns for children who were prenatally exposed to the teratogen that you selected. Chapter 4 After reading chapter 4 make decisions about what you think are the most important concepts for new parents to learn. Then, based upon the concept choices that you have made imagine that you are presenting a two hour seminar to new parents. Create an outline or a Power Point on your topics. What will you want new parent to know? Locate a You Tube video that would support your outline or power point or presentation and include it for us to view.Please select the topics that you deem most important for new parents. You are not teaching new parents the entire chapter…only those topic that you feel are most important Week 3 Discussion Chapter 5 Watch Video Infant Brain Development – The Critical Intervention Point Duration: 6:41 User: n/a – Added: 5/4/11 Watch Video Piaget on Piaget, Part 1 Duration: 12:26 User: n/a – Added: 10/4/10 Piaget on Piaget goes with Chapter 5 Watch Video Piaget on Piaget Duration: 41:35 3. Please explain how these three media selections posted above support the information in our textbook. 5-6

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