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  • The purpose of case studies
  • Case study analysis
  • Case Study Writing, 
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  • Case study common errors to avoid
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An Introduction to Case study writing,

A case study is a description of an event or situation that you are likely to encounter in the future. It involves explaining a situation where a decision is to be made, or a problem will be solved. They can be referred to as bridging the gap between theory and practice and the classroom and workplace. Case studies have proven useful in teaching medicine, law, nursing, and business. Case study assignments require you to examine a problem, look for alternative solutions, and develop a sound solution supported by proof. Students benefit significantly from case study assignments because of the amount of knowledge they gain. Case studies are also important for developing the students’ analytical skills, critical thinking skills and writing skills.

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Purpose of case studies

Case studies are particularly essential in giving students the opportunity to:

  • Contemplate the difficulties of real-life situations that you may face in the workplace
  • Make a link between theory learnt and real-life practices
  • Provide logical and reasonable solutions to real-life problems.

The first step in your case study assignment is conducting comprehensive and thorough research. Research is the backbone of a case study; all the assertions, solutions, and recommendations you will make should be backed by research. Failure to which it ceases to become a case study and becomes an opinion piece. A lot of time, effort, and skills are involved in writing a remarkable case study. These are things that not all students possess. Our case study academic writing service offers reliable, professional, and cheap paper writing help to undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and PhD students in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Case study analysis

Definite facts, occurrences, people involved, and the role played by different actors are all things you should consider when making your case study analysis. A common mistake that students make is being too descriptive in their case study assignments. It is essential to balance the case study’s description/presentation and case analysis. A few tips to better your case study analysis are:

  • Giving explanations and reasons
  • Making comparisons and contrasts
  • Formulating appropriate suggestions and recommendations
  • Backing up your ideas with evidence from a variety of sources

Case study writing

  1. Content

Some case studies require that you provide a summary of the case presented in your own words. This is especially the case when you have provided your own case study. The reason for this is to provide a context for the study’s analysis. The assignment’s main body requires you to apply concepts and theories pertinent to your case study. This means that you have to base your arguments and ideas on research.

  1. Structure

Case studies generally follow the same structure as most academic pieces. It has the following parts: an introduction, the body (a series of paragraphs), and the conclusion. However, a case study usually has headings dependent on the information presented. A typical case study assignment includes the following elements:

  • Introduction: Present the case study’s main purpose and briefly outline the general problem to be solved.
  • Description: Note down a short explanation of the case and provide a succinct definition of the main issues involved. Always provide enough information to the reader for context, and do not just assume that the reader knows your assignment.
  • Discussion: Using information gained in the research process, discuss the main issues one by one. The discussion includes issues and their impact, the relationship between issues and relevant theories, proposed solutions and ideas, and evaluation of the proposed solutions.
  • Conclusion/Recommendations: Summarize the deduction that you have come to and give a recommendation (and its justifications) that you have decided on to solve the case.
  1. Style 

It is a requirement in case study assignments that you write in the third person. The third person means people’s names, he/she/they, the patient, the client, etc. This may change when your opinion, insights, or personal impact of a specific case are asked. In that case, you can use the first person (I/my).

Case study common errors to avoid

Our coursework writing service has provided case study paper help for more than ten years. So who better than us to tell you some of the most common mistake students make when writing their case study assignments so that you can avoid them.

  • Lack of topic knowledge: This comes about when you do not conduct sufficient research. Remember that research is the case study’s backbone; therefore, without it, the assignment crumbles. This can be avoided by taking ample time to search for and go through sources.
  • Poor grammar and vocabulary: A case study is an academic document that should be reflected by proper grammar and language while writing it. Avoid cliché’s, slang, and superfluous words. Be on the look-out for grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Bad structure: Maintain the structure as described earlier. If you are unsure of the structure to follow, consult your instructor.
  • Irrelevant content: The surest way of making a bad impression and scoring low marks is including information that is not related to your topic. Avoid repetition and your own opinion unless you are explicitly asked for it.
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