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Post 1?

Project management definitely has application to nursing practice in general but even more for those involved as advanced practice nurses. Sipes (2016) mentions within her writing, project management may be fairly new to some advanced practice nurses but management success requires it. Interestingly, she also describes how the process of a project manager and the process of nursing are very similar, however, the manager oversees a project rather than a patient (Sipes, 2016). Additionally, she describes the best way to accomplish project management is by using consistent organized processes to meet goals, which is also very similar to how the process of nursing approaches care for patients! The ability to manage projects is especially important for the advanced practice nurse because they are expected to lead nursing into the future and it will take development of many projects to conclude needs for the future therefore it?? pretty imperative and applicable that the advanced practice nurse have skills related to managing projects! IOM, ARRA and HITECH all support and/or mandate the increase of efficiency through the development and meaningful use of technology, however, doing so is a very complex mission that requires efficient management for success. Humbles, McNeal and Paul-Richiez (2017) view this as an opportunity to evolve students from providing care to managing care by creating opportunity for intercollaboration between disciplines which, to me, introduces project management early for students. The idea is to come together for a project where collectively identified needs are deficient by collaboratively understanding these needs, collectively developing a plan, implementing and evaluating its effect. If you think about it, we are now taking several disciplines and working together to efficiently solve issues, this cannot be done without an overall project manager who communicates and oversees the entire project, it?? just too large to do without. This is where managing these projects becomes obvious and necessary for the advanced practice nurse. Each community and/or organization will have its own issues, its own projects and its own need for managers to oversee these projects to successfully produce new information.

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