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(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

Clinical Preparation Tool

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

List what DSM diagnosis the tool/instrument is used for

The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) screen hazardous drinking among the adult population. According to DSM-5 criteria for AUD, two or more symptoms must be occurring within the same12 month period.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

Identify an assessment/diagnosis instrument.

Alcohol is consumed in more significant amounts or over an extended period than intended. Efforts to cut down or control alcohol use are unsuccessful. A significant amount is spent on activities to get alcohol, use it or recover from it, and a strong desire or craving for alcohol use.

Appraise a scholarly, peer-reviewed article that addresses the use of the instrument to support your choice as an evidence-based instrument for practice

Verhoog et al. (2020) is a study that used cross-sectional data of health survey from 5401 universities in the Netherlands. Results indicated that a fifth of the students was hazardous and harmful drinkers.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

Evaluate the instrument’s appropriateness for diagnosing the condition it is designed to assess or if the instrument’s developers reported that, the instrument is only part of a comprehensive assessment for the disorder.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed AUDIT to identify individuals with AUDs and hazardous drinking behavior among the adult population, mainly in clinical settings. The instrument is appropriate as the three questions of AUDIT-Consumption (the abbreviated version of AUDIT) measure the amount of drinking and its frequency. Part two assesses the frequency of mental and physical problems emanating from alcohol consumption.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

Describe whether the instrument can measure patient response to therapy/treatment or strictly for assessment and diagnosis.

Since Part B Q4- 6 assess impaired control over drinking and part C 7- 10 explore situations about physical harm experienced by the patient; they can constitute the basis for effective intervention and, therefore, the recovery measure((Higgins-Biddle et al., 2018)

Discuss the psychometrics/scoring of the instrument, including reliability and validity.

Psychometric guarantees of AUDIT have been demonstrated. The value of Alpha Cronbach (.804) of the scale has been highlighted. In contrast, its internal structure validity has been confirmed through a confirmatory factor analysis indicating the instrument’s validity of the model. The validity hinges on three factors risky use, dependence symptoms and harmful alcohol use.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us.Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

Discuss any limitations associated with the use of the instrument.

Limitations of AUDIT include the fact that the information on alcohol consumption is based on self-reports where the alcohol consumption could be underreported. Subjects’ participation in the survey might also be selective and calls to use short scales


Higgins-Biddle, J. C., & Babor, T. F. (2018). A review of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), AUDIT-C, and USAUDIT for screening in the United States: Past issues and future directions. The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse44(6), 578-586.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

Verhoog, S., Dopmeijer, J. M., de Jonge, J. M., van der Heijde, C. M., Vonk, P., Bovens, R. H., … & Kuipers, M. A. (2020). The use of the alcohol use disorders identification test–consumption as an indicator of hazardous alcohol use among university students. European addiction research26(1), 1-9.(Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test)

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