i. Select one country within the Asia Pacific Region. ii. The nominated country and group membership list must be approved by your lecturer by latest in week 6. Each group must select different countries which will be approved on a ‘first-come first-serve’ basis. Therefore, it is advisable to form group with students from various countries. iii. You will be required to perform academic research on the differences between the retailing systems in Australia and your chosen country. iv. You are also to make a group presentation for 5-10 minutes on the key findings from your report using PowerPoint slides in the class during the tutorial session in weeks 10 and 11. Make sure that the presentation is interesting and holds the attention of the class. DO NOT merely repeat what is in the report– you need to add value to your presentation. Focus mainly on key findings using necessary visual aids. Assignment Structure should be as the follows: ? Title Page ? Executive Summary ? Brief Introduction and Background Information on Retailing Systems in both countries ? Section 1: The differences in the structure of retail market in both countries ? Section 2: Estimation of potential size and profitability of retail industry in both countries ? Section 3: Analysis of potential problems facing the retail industry in both countries ? Section 4: Consideration of cultural aspects impacting retailing in both countries ? Conclusion and Recommendations

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