Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia shadow health transcript


Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Started: Mar 25, 2020 | Total Time:59 min

Your avatarHi Dr. Douglas, My name is Danielle. I will be your provider todayGreet 03/25/20 12:48 AM CDT
Anita DouglasHello. 
Your avatarWhat is the reason for you visit today?Question 03/25/20 12:48 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’m here because I’ve got an awful cough, a fever, and my chest feels like I’ve been kicked by a horse. I’m sure this is some kind of upper respiratory infection. I was hoping it would go away on its own, but it hasn’t, so my husband Jeffrey convinced me to come in. As amusing as it is for Jeffrey to serve me my meals, this has gone on long enough. I need to feel better.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia) 
Your avatarI’m sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable from your symptoms. Your frequent cough sounds like it’s aggravating your already uncomfortable chest pain. You have done a great job toughing it out so far, and we’ll find a treatment plan to help you feel better.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia)Empathize 03/25/20 12:52 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThank you. 
Your avatarWhen did your symptoms start?Question 03/25/20 12:53 AM CDT
Anita DouglasMost of my symptoms started three days ago. I developed this nasty cough, and my nose has been all stuffed up. That’s also when the chest pain started, and when I began to feel exhausted. The fever set in last night. That was the last straw, so Jeffrey brought me in.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia) 
Your avatarHow often do the symptoms occur?Question 03/25/20 12:54 AM CDT
Anita DouglasMost of my symptoms — the hacking cough, chest pain, fatigue, achiness, stuffy nose — started three days ago. The fever started yesterday. None of it has let up since.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia) 
Your avatarWhere is your pain?Question 03/25/20 12:54 AM CDT
Anita DouglasMost of the chest pain is located in the lower right part of my chest. Aside from that, I have some general aches and muscle soreness; this is mostly a deep, dull sort of ache, but it feels more severe when I cough.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia) 
Your avatarI’m sorry to hear that you’re in constant pain, and that your cough makes your pain worse. I will work on finding a therapy that will give you some relief.(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia)Empathize 03/25/20 12:56 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI appreciate your saying that. 
Your avatarAre you coughing up any mucous?Question 03/25/20 12:58 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’m coughing up rust-colored sputum. 
Your avatarAre there any factors that make your symptoms worse? (Clarified to Does anything make your symptoms worse?.)(Anita Douglas Community-Acquired Pneumonia)Question 03/25/20 12:59 AM CDT
Anita DouglasCoughing makes this chest pain much worse. Deep breathing also seems to aggravate it, or talking too much. I also can’t move around too much . . . I’ve been staying in bed because any kind of activity makes my pain worse and leaves me exhausted. (Clarified to if anything makes my symptoms worse.) 
Your avatarWhat helps relieve your symptomsQuestion 03/25/20 1:00 AM CDT
Anita DouglasRest has helped me feel a little better. Exerting myself in any way just makes me feel worse. Jeffrey has also been bringing me hot tea and soup. We’ve also kept my humidifier going. Other than that, I tried taking aspirin to help with my fever and chest pain, but that didn’t give me much relief. 
Your avatarhow bad is the pain?Question 03/25/20 1:00 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI think that this cough is pretty severe. It brings my chest pain up from a 2 out of 10 to a 5 out of 10. 
Your avatarsorry to hear thatEmpathize 03/25/20 1:01 AM CDT
Anita DouglasWell, that’s very nice. 
Your avatarLets talk about your past medical history (Clarified to What is your past medical history?.)Question 03/25/20 1:01 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI have hypertension and chronic kidney disease. stage 2. (Clarified to what health problems I have had.) 
Your avatarhow long have you had the conditions? (Clarified to How long have you had your preexisting health problems?.)Question 03/25/20 1:02 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI was diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease 9 years ago, when I had some blood work done for my hypertension. I don’t know how long I had it before that, but I was diagnosed with hypertension 14 years ago, so it could have been a long time. (Clarified to how long I have had my preexisting health problems.) 
Your avatarany recent hospitalizations? ||| As you continue, has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us.Question 03/25/20 1:03 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI have not been hospitalized recently. 
Your avatardo you have any allergiesQuestion 03/25/20 1:03 AM CDT
Anita DouglasNo, I don’t have allergies. 
Your avatarAre you up to date on vaccines?Question 03/25/20 1:04 AM CDT
Anita DouglasLet me think . . . I had a flu shot about three months ago. Other than that, it’s been quite a while since I’ve needed any vaccines. I had a pneumococcal vaccine 12 years ago. 
Your avatarYou are due for a pneumococcal vaccine, which you should receive again in your adulthood five to ten years after your first shot. These vaccines protect against the bacteria that most commonly cause pneumonia.Educate 03/25/20 1:07 AM CDT
Anita DouglasAlright. 
Your avatarWhat medications do you take?Question 03/25/20 1:09 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI take two prescription medications; a trandolapril/verapamil combo and chlorothiazide. I also take two supplements, vitamin D and calcium. And for the last three days I’ve been taking aspirin. 
Your avatartell me about the trandolapril/verapamilQuestion 03/25/20 1:10 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI take my trandolapril/verapamil once a day for my stage 2 chronic kidney disease and hypertension. 
Your avatarhow long have you taken the chlorothiazide?Question 03/25/20 1:11 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI have taken chlorothiazide for 14 years. 
Your avatarwhats is the dosage of your medications?Question 03/25/20 1:11 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThe trandolapril/verapamil combination is 2 milligrams of trandolapril and 180 milligrams of verapamil. The chlorothiazide pill is 500 milligrams. The aspirin is 325 milligrams each pill. As for the supplements: the calcium is 1200 milligrams and the vitamin D is 15 micrograms. 
Your avatarare you compliant with all of your medications? (Clarified to Are you compliant with your medications?.)Question 03/25/20 1:12 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI never miss doses of my medication. Jeffrey and I are very diligent, and the pillbox keeps track for us. (Clarified to if I am compliant with medication.) 
Your avatarThat is greatEmpathize 03/25/20 1:13 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThank you. I appreciate that. 
Your avatarwhat you taken any antibiotics? (Clarified to Have you taken antibiotics recently?.)Question 03/25/20 1:13 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI haven’t taken any antibiotics in some time . . . I honestly can’t remember when that would’ve been. (Clarified to if I have taken antibiotics recently.) 
Your avatarDo you drink, smoke, or use illicit substances?Question 03/25/20 1:14 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ve never used any illicit drugs. 
Your avatardo you exercise?Question 03/25/20 1:15 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI try to stay active by taking a few short walks a week. Jeffrey and I will walk around our neighborhood for about ten minutes. We try to do this two or three times a week. Unfortunately, right now all I can do is rest. 
Your avatarany difficulties with activities of daily living? (Clarified to Do you have trouble performing daily activities?.)Question 03/25/20 1:16 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ve been struggling a little with everything of late, but I am quite capable in general, thank you. [AUDIO COMING SOON] (Clarified to if I have trouble performing daily activities.) 
Your avatartell me about your diet?Question 03/25/20 1:16 AM CDT
Anita DouglasIn the morning, Jeffrey and I will have a piece of toast with some eggs, or maybe a fresh croissant that he picks up from the bakery around the corner. We normally eat a very light lunch — a sandwich, or some homemade soup — and for dinner we like to go out to eat a few times a week. Normally we get pasta, or a salad. 
Your avatarFor people with hypertension and with chronic kidney disease, some foods are healthier and safer than others. It’s important to consider how your health will be affected when making everyday meal choices.Empathize 03/25/20 1:18 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThat’s kind of you to say. 
Your avatarwhats your family medical history |||As you continue, has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us.Question 03/25/20 1:20 AM CDT
Anita DouglasMy parents have both passed away. My mother was fairly healthy, but my father had hypertension. [AUDIO COMING SOON] 
Your avatarjust want to follow up on the aspirin (No matching questions found.)Question 03/25/20 1:20 AM CDT
Your avatarHow often do you take the aspirinQuestion 03/25/20 1:20 AM CDT
Anita DouglasNot normally, but since I got sick three days ago, I have been taking two aspirins three times a day. That’s a 325 milligram pill. 
Your avatardoes it help with pain?Educate 03/25/20 1:21 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ll keep that in mind. 
Your avatardoes it help with pain (No matching questions found.)Question 03/25/20 1:21 AM CDT
Your avatardoes the aspirin relieve your painQuestion 03/25/20 1:22 AM CDT
Anita DouglasIt has done a little good, I suppose, both for my chest pain and my fever . . . I suppose it’s hard to tell, though, because I’ve been taking it since my symptoms started, so I haven’t really felt how bad my symptoms are sans aspirin. [AUDIO COMING SOON] 
Your avatarWhile it’s great that the aspirin has relieved your symptoms, it is not approved for older adults nor for people taking some of your medications. Always ask a healthcare provider before starting a new medication.Educate 03/25/20 1:24 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ll remember that. 
Your avatarHi, i will educate you on the new prescriptionQuestion 03/25/20 1:38 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI appreciate it. 
Your avatarTake the medication with a full glass of waterQuestion 03/25/20 1:38 AM CDT
Anita DouglasShouldn’t be a problem. 
Your avatarTake the full course of medicationsQuestion 03/25/20 1:39 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ll be sure to take the whole course. 
Your avatarBe sure to avoid the sunQuestion 03/25/20 1:39 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI won’t be leaving my bed much anyway. 
Your avatarContact your doctor if you experience rapid weight gainQuestion 03/25/20 1:40 AM CDT
Anita DouglasAlright then. 
Your avatarcall 911 if you show signs of a severe allergic reactionQuestion 03/25/20 1:40 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI’ll have Jeffrey call 911 if that happens. 
Your avatartake tylenol for pain and feverQuestion 03/25/20 1:41 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThanks for that. 
Your avatarguaifenesin will help with your coughQuestion 03/25/20 1:41 AM CDT
Anita DouglasGood to know. 
Your avataryou should start feeling better in a few daysQuestion 03/25/20 1:42 AM CDT
Anita DouglasHmm. Okay. 
Your avatardrink plenty of fluidsQuestion 03/25/20 1:42 AM CDT
Anita DouglasI can do that. Does tea work? 
Your avataryes Mrs DouglasQuestion 03/25/20 1:42 AM CDT
Anita DouglasThat works for me. 
Your avatarTHank youQuestion 03/25/20 1:42 AM CDT
Anita DouglasAlright. Thank you for all of your help today.


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