Discussion: Women’s and Men’s Health, Infectious Disease, and Hematologic Disorders


To Prepare

By Day 6 of Week 10

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses from Week 9 and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days who were assigned a different patient case study, and provide recommendations for alternative drug treatments to address the patient’s pathophysiology. Be specific and provide examples.

Note: For this Discussion, you are required to complete your initial post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings. Begin by clicking on the “Post to Discussion Question” link, and then select “Create Thread” to complete your initial post. Remember, once you click on Submit, you cannot delete or edit your own posts, and you cannot post anonymously. Please check your post carefully before clicking on Submit!

Submission and Grading Information

Grading Criteria

To access your rubric:

Week 9 Discussion Rubric

Post by Day 3 of Week 9 and Respond by Day 6 of Week 10

To Participate in this Discussion:

Week 9 Discussion

Assignment: Practicum Application Assignment


Practicum Applications must be submitted in a timely manner to ensure that your Preceptor and Practicum Site meet the requirements of the College of Nursing and Walden University. For this Assignment, you will either submit your Practicum Application or you will submit a revised/updated Practicum Plan that indicates when you plan to take the Practicum courses.

To Prepare

The Assignment


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