Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Essay 1 Training Session

BeyondExpectations, Inc. (BEI) isa multi-ethnic community-based agency in downtown Brooklyn with a unit that caters to mental and physical health, education, housing, employment, substance abuse, and the general improvement of the quality of life. Following my selection as the new unit supervisor, I will train 10 of the just hired inexperienced case managers. In my training session, I will be discussing how to apply various case management concepts and interventions in the management of elderly persons in the community.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Case managers provide human and health services to clients and their support systems. For case management concepts and interventions, the process should be iterative, recursive, and cyclical rather than linear until the desired outcomes are met and the client’s needs and interests are achieved. Case managers should portray a positive mood, attitude, and behavior while managing clients. In managing the older population in the community, conducting a comprehensive assessment will be crucial to driving the intervention process. In this case, the evaluation includes screening the client to determine if case management processes will benefit them.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

The client’s information will be reviewed during the assessment process to determine the necessity for case management. The screening process entails a procedure or standard tool to define clients’ eligibility, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. During the screening process, the human service worker aims to establish rapport and build trust with the client by listening carefully, asking questions thoughtfully, being empathetic, and noting all the client mentions. Notably, case managers should conduct assessments and reassessments face to face to perceive the patients’ feelings and emotions. Conducting assessments on zoom will not be practical for obtaining the clients’ behavior, attitude, and facial expressions.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Another vital case management concept entails the development of a comprehensive case plan. In this case, planning specific goals, objectives, and actions is designed to address the clients’ needs as stated through the assessment process. The case plan should be time-specific, action-oriented, comprising of short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals should be directed towards meeting the long-term goals. Therefore, actions are the services and treatments necessary to meet the clients’ goals and needs. The objective of the planning phase should be to develop a management plan for the patient. A timeline of client expected outcomes and care activities should address a plan of care of each discipline involved in treating a specific patient. Notably, the unit team should develop the plan prospectively concerning patients’ diagnoses and health care needs. Case managers should develop a case plan with the clients’ outlines and actions required to meet the needs and goals identified by the client to ensure they get the necessary help and support required.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Notably, taking the clients’ social history aids the human service worker to find the background information crucial to determining the course of action necessary to address the patients’ needs. The client’s history entails health-related and biological issues, educational attainment, psychological states, and familial and societal past and current relationships. Segregation of older people by family and community leads to depression and other conditions. Therefore, understanding older people’s relationships with family and society will be critical towards addressing their health.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Monitoring and review are also crucial components of case management. Older people’s well-being should be monitored to ensure the interventions serve their purpose. Monitoring entails regular visits determined on a case-by-case basis to assess their progress and ensure the elderly and their families have support and services featured in the case plan. Of importance, the interventions should be reviewed to make the necessary changes or improvements to achieve the desired outcomes. If the interventions are not improving the clients’ well-being, they are referred to other units/ specialists dealing with specific needs. For instance, clients are referred to medical doctors if their conditions require medications or surgeons if their states require surgical interventions.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

To sum up, the case management process concludes with the contract termination between human service workers and their clients. Termination occurs for several reasons. For instance, the professional is not competent enough if the human services worker feels the client can live independently without providing services. Notably, the physical distance between clients and human service workers can limit the case management process, especially one of them transfers to a different state.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Essay 2 Advocacy Pitch

            Hello, Mr. Smith. I am Jenny Britton, a supervisor at BeyondExpectations, Inc. (BEI). I wish to pass my gratitude for believing in my passion for the care of older people in society and appointing me as the supervisor of the new elderly unit. I am writing to you concerning the $1,000,000 discretionary funds you just received. I humbly request you to consider allocating additional funds for my team.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

As observed, older people go through immense challenges ranging from increased risks and occurrence of aging conditions to familial and societal isolation. For that reason, a high number of older people end up suffering from psychological disorders such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Since I was appointed as the unit supervisor, I have learned that 80% of individuals above 75 years depend on our services. That means the unit needs to have numerous resources to cater to the overwhelmingly growing number. As of now, the unit does not have sufficient supplies for clients, most of whom have been isolated by their families and society. This has led to poor engagement, and involvement as most of them do not corporate with the case managers during treatment sessions. (Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

The most suitable solution for the highlighted problem will be to allocate more funds to the unit. The funds will be used to acquire foodstuffs for the clients to improve their cooperation in the case management process and help the unit to send case managers to reach out to the client’s relatives for full support to alienate the hunger problem.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

Essay 3 Termination Strategies

Termination renders clients and case managers to respond differently depending on the intensity of their relationship, factors for the termination, and past experiences. Case managers should be sensitive to the client’s well-being before the termination of services. For instance, case managers should inform their clients of their intentions to resign earlier enough. During resignations, case managers may express guilt and feel like they are abandoning their clients. For that reason, the case managers are likely to ignore their clients and distance themselves to prevent the clients from noticing their emotional reaction towards the resignation. The case managers’ colleagues are likely to feel distressed since they will have to work extra hard to fill the gap of the resigned case managers.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

Case managers should gradually decrease their relationships with clients to ensure they will get used to the absence of the resigning case managers, thus paving the way for a new manager. Devising proper and effective case management tools will help managers during the termination and resignation of services without eliciting adverse client outcomes. However, case managers should use professional judgment and evaluate the most suitable way to deal with situations where the client deteriorates with their absence.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)

The case manager considered the clients’ well- handing over resignation papers two weeks earlier. Similarly, other case managers should evaluate whether their resignation costs the clients valuable and irreplaceable services. For instance, case managers have a decree to ensure clients access alternative services before handing over their resignation papers. To sum up, clients’ referral to social support services serves as a crucial strategy towards protecting and meeting their needs.(Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample)


Case Management Final Exam Comprehensive Nursing Paper Sample

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