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Compare and Contrast two readings from the London region. (Man with a twisted lip, and The Year of The Runaways or Small Island.) Any 2 of those. Questions to answer as guidelines. What is the character(s) of the people and the place? How does the place shape the people? By what techniques does the author suggest these connections? Are there traditional professions or occupations, and do they emerge from the terrain and climate? Does the landscape have a particular “character?” Pay particular attention to physical description. What are the conflicts and rewards of living in this place? What are the threats to individual characters? Is the threat caused by the region in some way? What is the author’s attitude towards the region? For example, does the work imply a nostalgic attitude towards the place and its people? If so, what is lamented? What is admirable or pleasing in the place and people as the author presents them? How is regional dialect including words, idioms, and pronunciation deviating from standard received pronunciation (indicated by phonetic spelling ) used? For example, does it express what doesn’t “translate” well to standard speech? Is it employed for local color? Does the writer seem to believe that regional dialect is disappearing? Do characters use dialect for comic effect and standard English for serious pronouncements and elevated thought? Is the work naturalistic, focusing for example on social hardships and labor? How is presenting local character and occupations presented as something distinctive—are the people presented as stereotypes or in clichéd form? Additional info attached.

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