Critical reflection of my valuesbelief and mandate regarding leadership in nursing.
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. LEADERSHIP PAPER (20%): March 8th
In this individual written assignment (not a group assignment) you will clarify your current values/beliefs vision and mandate regarding leadership in nursing and you will critically analyze the fit between your current perspectives and the literature both course materials and outside sources in each of the 3 parts of the assignment. The 1st part is about your own values and beliefs so it is very personal but then as with all three sections you also need to situate it within the literature to demonstrate how you fit or do not fit with the literature. The 2nd part is much broader and is about your ideal vision related to leadership in nursing as a profession. The 3rd part is about what you think you yourself should be doing in order to live out your values/beliefs about leadership within the context of your vision for nursing. For example as an educator who believes in the importance of facilitating a students growth then I would need to describe ways in which I do just that.
Remember to relate all of your reflections to the literature even though you also will be writing about your personal beliefs and so on. The critical analysis is crucial. It is expected that you use the literature from course materials (text book chapters and required articles that we have covered by the date the paper is due) but additional new material should also be sought. The new material must be current (preferably no more than 5 years old but definitely not older than 10 years) and relevant so only about nursing leadership.
Your paper about leadership in nursing should be no more than 5 typed pages double-spaced (excluding cover sheet and references) and must follow APA format including a cover page and judicious use of headings. Please become familiar with the APA materials that I have posted on Moodle and use them to ensure you follow correct APA style. The APA folder within the Introduction folder even contains an example cover page and first page that you could use as a template for how to format your assignment. The references within this course are in APA format and I recommend you use them as your template for references. I prefer that you single-space your references similar to the format in this course outline as it saves space and pages.
Depth of analysis is essential so be careful to explore each area; this paper is not simply a personal reflection. Your grade will reflect the extent to which you meet the following criteria:
Level of critical reflection in a) how you describe your personal values and beliefs about leadership in nursing i.e. what is important to you from a personal level when nursing with persons you are leading and b) relate to the literature (both course and new material).
Level of critical reflection in a) how you describe your vision related to leadership in nursing as a profession i.e. what you envision the practice of leadership in nursing should be and b) relate to the literature (both course and new material).
Level of critical reflection in how you a) describe your mandate as a nurse within the context of your own values/beliefs and your vision for nursing leadership i.e. your personal policy or course of action in providing and promoting leadership in nursing and b) relate to the literature (both course and new material).
Coherence flow and clarity of paper as per APA; relevant and accurate use of headings; accurate citation of references according to APA; no more than 10 references in total for this paper; follows other APA format e.g. running head 2 spaces between sentences etc.
G. Course Reading Materials
Required text.
Gaudine A. & Lamb M. (2015). Nursing leadership and management: Working in Canadian health care organizations. Toronto ON: Pearson.
NB: This book will be used extensively in class and for student evaluation.
Recommended text.
American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington DC: Author.
Required articles (12 references).
Cutcliffe J. & Cleary M. (2015). Nursing leadership missing questions and the elephant(s) in the room: Problematizing the discourse on nursing leadership. Issues in Mental Health Nursing 36(10) 817-825. doi:10.3109/01612840.2015.1042176
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Gottlieb L. N. Gottlieb B. & Shamian J. (2012). Principles of strengths-based nursing leadership for strengths-based nursing care: A new paradigm for nursing and healthcare for the 21st century. Nursing Leadership 25(2) 38-50. doi:10.12927/cjnl.2012.22960
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