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This is Human Resource Health Care
1. Case: After checking references James Park the human resources manager at a hospital finds out that Jennifer Bennis the number one candidate for a critical care
nursing position was fired for absenteeism at her last job. Because the position has to be filled immediately and this discovery will only slow down the process
James chooses to withhold the information from the hiring nurse manager. He does discuss this issue with Jennifer who tells him she was going through a tough time but
is now ready for a new start. James thinks that Jennifer deserves a fair chance and that her qualifications far outweigh the problems she had.
(a) Is James right or wrong? Explain your reasoning.
(b) Is there a difference between need to know and nice to know information?
2. A primary care physician practice has decided to base its evaluation of physician performance solely on the volume of patients seen. What problem is most likely to
result from such an approach and why?
3. Describe the ADDIE model. In your description provide a real-life example of how you would utilize the ADDIE model. Do not use the example from the homework
4. (a) Select a specific job title (healthcare) of your choice. In your approach decide which quartile will you use to determine the pay for the position and why?
(b) You have been assigned the task of evaluating two positions for your department: a nurse and a nurse supervisor. Using the point system (p.190) assign points to
each position based on the factors listed on page 190 (Education autonomy supervisory responsibilities and physical and mental stress). Decide on the pay for each
position and justify the differences between the points for each factor and pay awarded for both positions.

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