Differentiating Goals and Objectives


A goal is a principle set by organizations to guide them in decision making (Zainub & Wall, 2013). Objectives on the other hand are specific and measurable steps that organizations use to meet their goals. They provide organizations with detailed plans and schemes to determine a course of action. It also aids organizations in preparing for possible future changes. Without goals and objectives that are clearly defined, organizations will find it difficult to coordinate activities and to predict future events (Zainub & Wall, 2013). For instance, Silvon Memorial Hospital has set aside several goals and objectives for the facility to help in its growth and development.

Explanation of the Goals and Objectives

Silvon Memorial Hospital has set its goal to recognize its nurses and doctors as compassionate healthcare professionals and highly skilled who positively transform the healthcare experience worldwide. The organization has clearly explained its goal by quoting its general intentions and making it immeasurable. The goal also motivates and inspires its employees and aids the facility in evaluating and controlling performance. Above all, the goal provides guidance and direction. For example, employees can refer to it for guidance since it informs them of where it is going and how it expects to get there.

The hospital’s objectives are also clearly stated and explained. They include, supporting and promoting the mission, values and mission of the hospital, creating an environment that supports quality patient care, and supports clinical excellence by encouraging and promoting their staff. These objectives are precise, concrete, tangible, and measurable (Zainub & Wall, 2013). All in all, Silvon Memorial Hospital has explained its goals and objectives clearly and well stated.

Are the Goals and Objectives Long-Term or Short-Term?

The goals and objectives set by Silvon Memorial Hospital are short-term since it talks about the target of the hospital and what it will do to get there. It is important to evaluate goals periodically because organizations change often. Therefore, goals and objectives set should be short-term to allow for evaluation. For instance, goals set in January may fail to be realistic in December yet unrealistic goals demoralize employees.

Are the Goals and Objectives Manifest or Latent?

The goals and objectives set by Silvon Memorial Hospital are manifest. They are clearly demonstrated and are already put in practice. For instance, they include nursing practice and how they should handle patients with great expertise and care. The nursing staff were handling patients well, only these goals and objectives and are put down to motivate them to handle patients even better.

Differentiating Goals and Objectives

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