Discuss how address these four social determinants of health in the prevention and control of HIV.

In this essay I need to discuss the following two sections. I particularly need to focus on these 5 social determinants of health which are lack of financial support social support networks
employment healthcare services and stigma and discrimination.
1. How Social Determinants of Health Affect HIV?
Vulnerability to HIV and the progression of HIV in particular are influenced by social determinants of health. Risk of contracting HIV is greater among individuals who are subject to homelessness general lack of financial resources social support networks unemployment lack of accessing to health care services and social exclusion caused by stigma cultural differences and discrimination in the forms of racism sexism homophobia heterosexism or ageism.
2. Responding to the Social Determinants of Health- Discuss how address these four social determinants of health in the prevention and control of HIV.
Addressing all of the social determinants of health is a key strategy in ending the HIV epidemic. Ensuring that basic human needs such as employment shelter food education and social inclusion are met will significantly prevent the transmission of HIV and lessen its impact on people living with the virus.
Tips for writing this paper.
Provides necessary background information for topic.
The thesis statement written in bold font
Situates your ideas and approach to the selected topic within the wider body of research and theory.
Do not overstate your case.
Identifies a conflict or area needing analysis- Must have this point.
Clearly articulates thesis aims or objectives of paper.
Should be focused defensible nuanced and outline your argument for the reader.
Body paragraph:
Each Paragraph should have a clear objective directly relating to your main argument.
Each objective of each paragraph should be clearly articulated in the topic sentence.
Topic sentences often come at the beginning of a paragraph but may come at the end of a paragraph.
Each Topic sentence should be supported by evidence.
Evidence should be completely developed and presented (not only referenced.)
Dont just paraphrase what an authority said as evidence.
Writing should speak to the values of a critical audience.
All evidence should be honestly characterized.
Transition between each paragraph should be clear.
Headers can be used to lead the reader through your paper.
Conclusions should summarize how your evidence supports your position.
Based on the information outlined above
The Conclusion should respond to potential criticisms of your thesis.
This is not to say
This analysis is limited by
Despite this evidence some suggest
Should succinctly outline the take home message of your paper.
Despite these limitations the evidence outlined above supports our assertion that

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