Analytic Report: Learning Outcomes Assessed: A3, K3, K6, and S2:Purpose: The purpose of this task is to provide students with practical experience in working in teams to write a dataanalytical report to provide useful insights, pattern and trends in the chosen/given dataset. This activity will givestudents the opportunity to show innovation and creativity in applying SAS Analytics, and designing useful visualizationand predictive solutions for various analytics problems.Project Details:This is a group assignment and you will complete the task with your team. Your team will be made up of at most 3members who are all enrolled in the same laboratory – the teams will be allocated by your tutor. It is expected thateach team member will contribute equally to the project.Your team will use SAS Visual Analyticsto explore, analyze and visualize the dataset provided. You will receive feedbackon the draft about presentation choices, content, analysis, and style.The aim is to use the data set allocated to provide interesting insights, trends and patterns amongst the data. Yourintended audience is the CEO and middle management of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services who areresponsible for overseeing the health industry in America.In addition, each individual team member will write a short reflection as part of the report on their individualexperience on working on the project.Tasks• Task 1- Background information – Write a description of the dataset and project, and its importance for theorganization. Discuss the main benefits of using visual analytics to explore big data. In this you should includea justification for using the visualizations that you will use and how they have been successful in other similarprojects. This discussion should be suitable for a general audience. Information must come from at least 6appropriate sources (2 per student) be appropriately referenced. [2 to 3 pages]• Task 2 – Reporting / Dashboards – For your project, perform the relevant data analysis tasks by answering theguided questions provided (see Appendix for questions and dataset) and, identify the visualization you needto develop.Note: remove any missing data points from your visualizations where possible/suitable• Task 3 – Additional Visualizations – In addition to the guided questions, it is expected that each student willprovide at least two other visualizations of the data (i.e. for a group of 3 students this is 6 extra visualizations).These additional visualizations will be judged in terms of quality of the findings and complexity of analysis.These visualizations should be using multi-dimensional, filtering and advance calculation techniques.• Task 4 – Justification -Justify why these visualizations are chosen in Task 2 and 3. Note: To ensure that youdiscuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots ofthe BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and alsoinclude any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your Task 2 (i.e. the report to theoperational team of the company).[1 to 2 pages]• Task 5 – Discussion of findings – using the visualizations created discuss the findings from the data set. In thisdiscussion you should explain what each visualization shows. Then summarize themain findings. [3 to 4 pages]• Task 6 – Executive Summary – summary of the data analysis including a brief introduction, methods used and

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