PSYCH 540 Week 1 Complete Discussion1.How are the 2 approaches in psychological research similar and how are they different? Are qualitative and quantitative research approaches in conflict or do they complement each other? If they do complement each other, in what way or ways? Why might you choose one approach (qualitative or quantitative) over the other? Which approach “speaks to you” most? Discussion 2.I have two questions to get our discussions started about IRBs and ethics in psychological research: 1. Assume you are a psychotherapist or counselor in private practice or working in an agency and you want to conduct research into anxiety using your clients as the sample population for your study. What ethical considerations would you need to take into account? Is each of these considerations important or are they there because the government or some IRB says you have to include it? If the consideration is important, why and in what way? If it is not, why not? 2. Assume you are preparing your Masters Thesis or PhD dissertation and it involves you conducting an original study. You will have to get approval from the university- IRB first. Given that it is already the 21st Century and you are not going to do anything like Stanley Milgram- experiments, is IRB approval important or is it merely a time-consuming hassle? Describe the criteria you used in formulating your answer. Individual Assignment – Fundamentals of Research Methodology Paper Prepare a 1,400 to 1,600-word paper in which you examine fundamental concepts of research methodology in the field of psychology. Base your discussion on research into the psychological literature you have done using peer-reviewed journals in our university library or other sources for peer-reviewed psychological literature. Your paper, citations, and reference list need to be formatted properly in APA format. As a part of your examination, be sure to address the following items: • Discuss the science of psychology: how psychology functions as a science today and how psychological research fits into the field of psychology. • Explain the scientific method and its relationship to psychological research. • Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data and each methodology’s role in psychological research. • Describe the process of scientific theory construction and testing. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Learning Team Assignment – Choose Topic for Literature Review The team needs to select a topic for the Week 2 team assignment, the Literature Review. To do so elect an issue in the field of psychology of interest to the members of the team. This issue will be the basis for your Research Project due in Weeks Three and Four as well as Week Two. Therefore, make sure it is a subject about which you would want to design a study. Obtain faculty approval of your selected issue prior to beginning the Literature Review.

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