Teaching-Learning Plan
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This course examines the theory and method of effective teaching in nursing with an emphasis on teaching the adult learner. To facilitate active learning the educator
must be able to identify the needs of the learner as well as strategies that will involve the learner as a lively participant in the learning environment. In this
course traditional and contemporary teaching approaches will be evaluated for use with diverse populations of learners in various settings: classroom community
healthcare facilities and clients homes. Learning theories curriculum theory and design teaching strategies and evaluation methods will be explored.
1. Develop an efficient effective needs assessment process.
2. Describe the characteristics of learning styles and effective teaching methods for each style.
3. Integrate and apply the principles of teaching-learning used in nursing education.
4. Discuss ways to incorporate cultural diversity in the teaching-learning process.
5. Identify methods of motivating resistant learners.
6. Describe innovative teaching strategies using technology.
7. Evaluate the effectiveness of selected teaching strategies.
8. Ensure the education of students results in delivery of safe quality patient care.
Rubric for Analytic Scoring of Writing
Score A
Purpose & Audience B
Organization C
Development D
4 Addresses purpose Focuses consistently Explores ideas Employs words with
effectively uses assignment to explore topics intrinsic interest shows full understanding of issues engages audience establishes credibility uses headings
format and citations (where relevant) effectively. on clearly expressed central idea uses paragraph structure and transitions to guide reader effectively.
vigorously supports points fully using an appropriate balance of subjective and objective evidence reasons effectively making useful distinctions. fluency develops
concise standard English sentences balances a variety of sentence structures effectively.
3 Adheres to purpose fulfills Central idea is clear Supports most ideas Word forms are
assignment shows adequate understanding of key issues style is appropriate to intended audience presentation is readable format is correct. paragraph structure is
adequate some problems with consistency logic or transitions. with effective examples and details finds suitable balance between references to personal and
external evidence makes key distinctions. correct sentence structure is effective applies standard English grammar & mechanics presence of a few errors is not
2 Wavers in purpose Loose focus on Presents ideas in Word forms &
incompletely addresses assigned topic or directions shows need for more study of issues style varies visual presentation ragged. central idea contains some
repetition & digression structure needs work. general terms support for ideas is inconsistent or unsuitably personal or distant some distinctions need
clarification reasoning unclear. sentence structures are adequate to convey basic meaning. Errors cause noticeable distraction.
1 Purpose unclear No central idea no Most ideas Word use unclear
failure to address topic or clear logic or focus unsupported sentence structures
directions weak grasp of issues inappropriate style and careless or messy visual presentation. many repetitions or digressions lack of structure. confusion between
personal and external evidence unclear use of distinctions or levels of generality reasoning flawed. inadequate for clarity errors seriously distracting.
Paper: Teaching-Learning Plan:
Choose and describe a topic for your teaching/learning plan. Describe your audience. Describe the needs assessment process. Write three objectives using cognitive
psychomotor and affective domains. Describe teaching strategies for each objective. In describing your teaching strategies you can use Internet links to Web
addresses articles and videos for the nursing student to use to learn the topic. State the evaluation methods to be used for each objective. A minimum of 6
references is required for this assignment. This paper should be about ten pages excluding your title page abstract and references.
DeYoung S. (2014). Teaching strategies for nurse educators (3rd edition). Upper Saddle River
N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN-13 9780133565232

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