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The initial post must include responses to all the questions in this discussion. 

Ms. A, age 35, was given a Pap test during a routine medical checkup. The test showed marked dysplasia of cervical cells but no sign of infection.

  1. Discuss the purposes and uses of diagnostic testing and how it applies in this scenario.
  2. Discuss how the following terms might apply to this scenario: prognosis, latent stage, remission, exacerbations, predisposing factors.
  3. Compare and contrast the various types of common cellular adaptations, focusing on dysplasia and the testing for this condition.

Mrs. A’s baby girl, Baby C, who is 3 months old, has had severe watery diarrhea accompanied by fever for 24 hours. She is apathetic and responds weakly to stimulation. The condition has been diagnosed as viral gastroenteritis.

  1. List the major losses resulting from diarrhea and fever.
  2. List other signs or data that would provide helpful information.
  3. Explain several reasons why infants become dehydrated very quickly.

Baby C was tested for PKU shortly after birth (as required by law), the results indicated toxic levels of phenylalanine breakdown products in the blood.

  1. Explain how dietary changes can affect the expression of PKU.
  2. Discuss the cause of the disease and the probable percentages of inheritance of the disease in children the couple might have in the future.

discussion board

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