Discussion Post for a Graduate Nursing Course: Leadership/ Management in Nursing

Discussion Post for a Graduate Nursing Course: Leadership/ Management in Nursing…Guiding Principles: Ethical, Moral, and LegalConsider three generations: newborn, midlife, and elderly patients. Does your application of the guiding principles differ depending on the population that you care for? Explain. Does your responsibility to each of these populations differ, depending on your organizational role or level of leadership? Explain. What professional standards guide your thougCorporation via the Copyright Clearance Center.Kollberg B. & Elg M. (2011). The practice of the balanced scorecard in health care services.International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 60(5) 427445.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.The authors look at the use of a balanced scorecard for health care performance management in Sweden.Lupi S. Verzola A. Carandina G. Salani M. Antonioli P. & Gregorio P. (2011). Multidimensional evaluation of performance with experimental application of balanced scorecard: A two year experience. Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation 9(1) 7.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.This article examines the application of a balanced scorecard within a unit in a hospital to compare performance results and goal achievement.Balanced Scorecard Institute. (2013). Balanced scorecard basics. Retrieved fromhttp://www.balancedscorecard.org/BSCResources/AbouttheBalancedScorecard/tabid/55/Default.aspxView the information on this website to learn about balanced scorecards.Mountain State Group. (n.d.) Balanced scorecards for small rural hospitals: Concept overview and implementation guidance. Retrieved March 13 2013 fromhttp://www.ruralcenter.org/sites/default/files/Final%20BSC%20Manual%2010.18F.pdfThe Scarborough Hospital. (2013). Balanced scorecard. Retrieved fromhttp://tsh.to/pages/Balanced-Score-CardThis website provides an example of hts and actions?

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