The DNP capstone project is a comprehensive, culminating experience for nursing students. This article includes 90 DNP capstone project Ideas for NPs to write about.

The project is designed to give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class and to demonstrate their unique understanding of nursing theory and practice. Here are some Strong DNP capstone project topics for NPs

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Working on your Abstract, here are DNP Capstone project Abstract Examples [Outline & How-to]

DNP capstone project Ideas for NPs

  1. Establishing the Suitability of an Instrument that Determined Advanced Practice Registered Nurses’ (APRN) Baseline Knowledge of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Practice Guidelines
  2. Hospital Nurses’ Experiences of Providing Care for Muslim Patients in the United States
  3. Using Institutional Ethnography to Understand how the Ruling Text Organizes Nursing Performance Related to Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in the Intensive Care Unit
  4. A Qualitative Study Exploring Pre-Hospital Patient Delays in Seeking Care for Symptoms of Bloodstream Infection
  5. Just a Click Away: First-Time Mothers Invisible Presence Using Social Networking Sites
  6. Diabetes Self-management among Arabs with Type 2 Diabetes
  7. African American Male Caregiving for Adult Care Recipients during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  8. Breast Cancer Screening Practices Among African American Women: A Black Feminist Thought Perspective
  9. Older Adults’ Perceptions of Disposition Decisions from the Emergency Department
  10. The Experiences of Internationally Educated Nurses while Preparing for the NCLEX-RN
  11. A Quantitative Exploration of Strategies to Reduce Fatigue Among Nurses
  12. Understanding the Experiences of Chronic Low Back Pain in Post-9/11 Female Veterans
  13. Early-onset Versus Late-onset Colorectal Cancer Trends Among Veterans
  14. An Exploration of Discourses of NICU Nurses Caring for Infants with Symptoms of Substance Exposed Pregnancy (SEP)
  15. Examination of Pharmacists’ Support for Implementation of Syringe Exchange Programs in Community Pharmacies in North Carolina: A Social Ecological Approach
  16. Here’s How to write a DNP capstone project chapter 1 – Introduction
  17. Drug Screening Practices and Policies of Labor and Delivery Units in the Southeastern United States: Considerations, Implications, and Unintended Consequences
  18. Factors Affecting Condom-Use Behaviors among Female Emerging Adults in South Korea
  19. Perspectives of Nursing Students Regarding Racial Implicit Bias
  20. The Impact of Safety Culture on Nurse and Patient Outcomes in Middle East Acute Care Hospitals
  21. Nurses’ Knowledge Regarding Nursing Surveillance Specific to the Septic Patient
  22. The Transition Experience of the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist from Clinical Expert to Novice Educator
  23. Examining Short-term Outcomes in Older Preterm and Early Term Infants
  24. Advance Care Planning Engagement among Muslim Community-Dwelling Adults Living in the United States of America: A Social Ecological Model Perspective
  25. The Opioid Epidemic and the Impact of Opioid Prescribing in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Qualitative Description
  26. Workplace Incivility and Its Effects on Nursing Faculty
  27. Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Factors Influencing Physical Activity in Arab Americans: A Social-Ecological Approach
  28. Second Victim Support: Nurses’ Perspectives of Organizational Support
  29. The Lived Experiences of Women Living with HIV Regarding Intimate Relationship Power and Reproductive Decision-Making
  30. Hotspotting in Home Health: The Impact of Interprofessional Student-Team Home Visit on Health Outcomes of Super-Utilizers of the Health Care System

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The capstone project is an important component of the DNP program. It provides nurses with the opportunity to sharpen their skills and develop their knowledge in a specific area of nursing. By completing the capstone project, students will be better prepared to begin their careers as nurses. DNP capstone project Ideas

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DNP project Ideas to write about

  1. Breast Cancer Literacy and Cultural Factors Influencing Mammogram Adherence Among Filipino American Women
  2. The Experience of Antenatal Hospitalization among High-Risk Pregnant Women
  3. Acculturating into Nursing: The Lived Experiences of Hispanic/Latinx Baccalaureate Nursing Students
  4. Exploration of Sleep and Allostatic Load as Predictors of Future Cancer
  5. An Exploration of the Relationship Between Frailty in the Older Adult and Recurrence of Clostridium Difficile
  6. The Experiences of Nurses Who Care for Patients with Lung Cancer
  7. Health Literacy, Understanding, and Decisional Satisfaction in Women’s Decision-Making for Prenatal Aneuploidy Screening
  8. Structure, Process and Recommendations for Emergency Department Triage in the US (check out 130+ Good nursing capstone project ideas to Write About)
  9. Physical and Psychosocial Late Effects on Health-Related Quality of Life in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Cancer
  10. An Exploration of Nurses’ Knowledge of Right Hemisphere Stroke Associated Communication Impairments
  11. When is the Appropriate Time to Pursue Nurse Practitioner Practice Legislation? A Case Study
  12. An Exploration of Registered Nurse Preparation for Safe Medication Management
  13. The Effect of Video Gaming on Physical Activity Among Nursing Home Residents
  14. Factors Influencing 30-day Unplanned Rehospitalization in Adults with Heart Failure
  15. Stories of African American women who are long-term breast cancer survivors
  16. Older Women’s Health Outcomes During Retirement
  17. The Arabic (Jordan) version of the Tilburg of Frailty indicator
  18. A Qualitative Study to Understand the Perception of Illness and the Decision Making Process for Accessing and Utilizing Health Care for American Indians in Southeastern NC
  19. The Effect of a Diabetes Self-Management Program for African Americans in a Faith-Based Setting
  20. The Effectiveness of a Lifestyle-Based Intervention on Physical Activity, Blood Pressure, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Older Adults with Hypertension
  21. An Educational Intervention to Improve Emergency Nursing Care of Geriatric Patients in the Emergency Department (ED)
  22. Social Support, Coping, Stress, and Intent to Persist in Nurse Anesthesia Students
  23. Women and Pre-Hospital Delays Associated with Myocardial Infarction
  24. Safety behavior of African-American and white men with previous burn injury.
  25. Structural Empowerment’s Influence on Nursing Outcomes in Magnet and non-Magnet Healthcare Organizations
  26. Nurse Perceptions of Elder Self-Neglect
  27. The Association of Vitamin D Levels, Blood Pressure, Inflammation and Depression in Persons with Coronary Artery Disease
  28. Environmental Noise as Risk Factor for Postoperative Delirium in an Orthopedic Sample
  29. Chiropractic and Conventional Therapy for Acute and Chronic Health Conditions among Appalachian Residents
  30. An Analysis of North Carolina Homeless Shelter Policies: Potential for fracturing the integrity of help-seeking homeless families

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The literature review is one of the most challenging parts of your DNP capstone, here’s How to write a DNP Capstone Project Literature Review

Nurse Practitioner Capstone Project ideas

The process of completing the capstone project can be challenging, but it is an essential part of the DNP program. Students must be prepared to put in hard work and dedicate themselves to the completion of the project.

The DNP capstone project is a comprehensive, culminating experience for nursing students. This article includes 90 DNP capstone project Ideas for NPs to write about.
The DNP capstone project is a comprehensive, culminating experience for nursing students. This article includes 90 DNP capstone project Ideas for NPs to write about.
  • Does resilience mediate the effects of bullying in nurses
  • Self-care behaviors of college students with diabetes
  • Parent education needs of infants with complex life-threatening illness
  • Life patterning of men with depression
  • The adaptation of new registered nurses
  • Decision-making behaviors for adolescents who are pregnant and adolescent mothers enrolled in the nurse-family partnership
  • Executive succession and competitive advantage in U.S. hospitals: Simulating a randomized control trial
  • The experience of the intimate dyad after weight loss surgery: A qualitative description
  • The psychometric properties of the lifetime experience questionnaire (LEQ) in older American adults
  • Explaining intention to Stop Smoking with the Theory of Planned Behavior and Self-exempting Beliefs
  • Foreign-born Mexican women’s utilization, adherence and understanding of preventive health screening recommendations
  • Adherence issues in African-American females with cardiovascular disease
  • The impact of the congregational nurse program in culturally diverse community
  • Asthma in African-American school age children
  • Breast-feeding promotion in African Americans
  • Prevention of colon rectal cancer in African American older men
  • Self-Care Expressions, Patterns, and Practices of Latinos/Hispanics for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Pain management in older adults
  • Life patterning of women in midlife transition
  • A church-based intervention for increasing physical activity in black adolescent girls
  • Improving the life of male caregivers assisting their family members during the end of life
  • Health literacy and adherence to antihypertensive regimens in older adult African-Americans
  • Development of useful pain management strategies for older adults
  • Homeless sheltered women’s health promotion behaviors
  • Explore the lived experiences of adult patients with bipolar disorder and co-morbid substance use disorders
  • Exploring the experience of older nurses who work at the bedside the critical care unit
  • Women abused as children and participatory dreaming: A study of unitary healing
  • Evaluating and promoting health positive aging
  • Helping nurses give improved mental health care to Hispanic clients
  • Improving the quality of lives of people who are terminally ill due to kidney disease

However, by following the guidelines provided by their instructors, students can successfully complete the capstone project. DNP capstone project Ideas.

The guidelines include How to write DNP capstone project Methodology Chapter

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