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DPI Project Discussion

  1. This week’s discussion post asks you to consider what a DPI project is and how you are incorporating the Christian worldview into the project. As a Christian university, GCU integrates faith, learning, work, and service in an effort to honor God in all that it does, and encourages others to join in these endeavors. In what ways does your project reflect this?
A DPI project is an opportunity to apply the advanced knowledge and skills learned in the DNP program to a practice problem in the clinical settings. The DPI implements a clinical inter-professional team in triage (CITiT) to help reduce the rate of patients LWBS. The premise of the project is to reduce patient wait time from door to physician, consequently reducing overcrowding in ED, increasing patient satisfaction rate, and improving patient outcomes.(DPI Project Discussion) As you continue, has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us. (DPI Project Discussion) The project incorporates Christian foundations of caring for one another, work, and service. It brings together an interprofessional team in triage to accelerate the provision of care. Patients visiting the ED often need immediate care, and the project ensures they get nurses to help in preventing and easing their suffering. Christianity also calls on believers to look after the weak at their time of need, and the project ensures that patients have access to health practitioners quickly when they need them most (Newbanks, Rieg, & Schaefer, 2018). Substantially, the project reduces the duration of the suffering of the patient contributing to the healing, health, and wellbeing of the patient. As Christians, we are obligated to being of help to others and helping alleviate their suffering. (DPI Project Discussion) Seeing the patient goes beyond physical treatment to emotional support and spiritual nourishment. The project ensures that even at times of heavy patient volume, all patients get to see a healthcare practitioner. The practitioner then offers not only treatment but also a sense of comfort to the patient, while nurses offer emotional and spiritual support to the patient’s loved ones. This emotional support and holistic approach borrow heavily from the Christian views of faith and the healing power of love (Wolgemuth, 2019). Besides, the project creates interprofessional teams that allow team members to become actively involved in supporting each other as encouraged by Christianity. Through the teams, practitioners can learn from each other, support each other, and enhance the spirit of togetherness, which in turn improves care. (DPI Project Discussion)
  1. How are you incorporating technology at your site to enhance your project? What technology will you use to gather data and analyze the data?
The DPI is focused on reducing patient LBWS in the ED. Data is extracted from the ED’s EHR, MEDITECH. The data, which included the average door to physician times, the rate of LWBS patients, and the length of stay, helped determine the impact of the intervention as the data was collected pre and post-intervention. Reliance on data in the MEDITECH system guaranteed that accurate and reliable frameworks measured the research’s variables. Studies on data extracted from EHR systems indicated high completeness and correctness compared to survey data (Scholte et al., 2016). Besides, the quality of the data was sufficient, with the system allowing the research to examine a large sample population.(DPI Project Discussion) As you continue, has the top and most qualified writers to help with any of your assignments. All you need to do is place an order with us. (DPI Project Discussion)
DPI Project Discussion
DPI Project Discussion
Besides, the project used electronically issued newsletters and emails to remind practitioners on upcoming training, the rationale for the changes, progress, and collect feedback. Clinical implementation is a critical process that requires constant dialogue and engagement by front-line providers, clinicians, and support staff. The newsletters and emails will play an integral role in facilitating communication and collecting feedback on the project. Engaging and encouraging participants to actively indulge in the project creates a positive feedback loop that ensures all individuals experience a team belonging.(DPI Project Discussion) Besides, the project used communication technology tools to improve collaboration and communication in the team. Interprofessional team collaboration in triage is a critical aspect of the project, and using instant messaging approaches, coupled with monitoring systems, helped support decision making and care planning (Shrader et al., 2016). The systems also helped streamline communication practices, which involved clinical rounds, safety huddles, staff meetings and documentation, and reporting systems. In improving collaboration, the systems helped in task prioritizing in the team as they ensured all critical factors were adequately evaluated.(DPI Project Discussion) References Newbanks, R. S., Rieg, L. S., & Schaefer, B. (2018). What Is Caring in Nursing?: Sorting Out Humanistic and Christian Perspectives. Journal of Christian Nursing35(3), 160-167.(DPI Project Discussion) Scholte, M., van Dulmen, S. A., Neeleman-Van der Steen, C. W., van der Wees, P. J., Nijhuis-van der Sanden, M. W., & Braspenning, J. (2016). Data extraction from electronic health records (EHRs) for quality measurement of the physical therapy process: comparison between EHR data and survey data. BMC medical informatics and decision making16(1), 141.(DPI Project Discussion) Shrader, S., Kostoff, M., Shin, T., Heble, A., Kempin, B., Miller, A., & Patykiewicz, N. (2016). Using Communication Technology to Enhance Interprofessional Education Simulations. American journal of pharmaceutical education80(1), 13. Wolgemuth, V. (2019). 2019 Directory of Christian Nursing Schools in North America: The Value of Christian Nursing Education in the Age of Information. Journal of Christian Nursing36(1), 16-21.(DPI Project Discussion) (DPI Project Discussion)

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