Applying Information Management Solutions to Improve Quality and Patient Safety
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You will complete your case study development from previous weeks by applying technology considerations to your scenario and determining how to measure results to improve safety and effectiveness of the care scenario.
Write a 1900-word paper in which you:
Summarize your case study scenario and highlight the patient/family-centered care implications.
Evaluate how well the quality or safety indicators selected in Week 2 address the case study scenario. Propose recommended changes if any that you would make.
Analyze the top patient safety implication for the case study scenario.
Critique the influence of team communication and team tools on the case study scenario.
Analyze potential quality improvement interventions.
Analyze if your quality improvement interventions include the use of health information technology as a solution:
What safety considerations should be reviewed before implementing?
Which patient values and perspectives did you integrate into your delivery of care?
Is nursing documentation key to your solution? What might be some considerations regarding care documentation in an EMR/EHR?
Evaluate what data will be used after your solution is implemented to know if it worked.
Explain where you will obtain the data.
Analyze the change implications of your solution selected for nursing practice.
Include at least five academic sources in your paper.
Format your paper and reference page according to APA guidelines. Attached please find the previous week case study and the power point with the indicators that I used they are necessary to complete this assignment

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