This is the final for Introduction to Criminology. Please answer 5/7 questions. This must be turned in by the due date, which is the end of this class’s final exam period. I expect you will use around 350 words to answer each question. You may open this file as often as you like, you just have to submit it before the due date. I will NOT take the best 5 scores of those you turn in, but the FIRST 5 you turn in (so if you are thinking to do all 7, hoping for he highest, know I will mark only questions 1-5).

When you answer these, BE COMPREHENSIVE. Describe the key terms you are employing from our semester, use those concepts. No outside references are needed, you should use what you have from lecture, slides, your book and your assignments. Define things. Many of these are structured asking for an opinion. Exactly as your assignments, I DON’T ACTUALLY CARE WHAT YOUR OPINION IS. This is merely a compelling way to structure a short essay about key concepts, definitions, and theories. This is what I am grading on.


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