Find a balance of primary and secondary sources that allows you to present your own conclusions based on varied pieces of evidence. • Use Harvard referencing throughout (see power hours material if you need to familiarise yourself with it), and ensure your sources are current and of academic standing. • Include images if essential to an argument, in which case the images need to be specifically referred to in the text. • Your abstract should be modelled on abstracts in academic journal such as Fashion Theory and therefore contain a brief intro to your study, a summary of its methods, and a brief its key conclusion, e.g.
Julia Petrov, J (2016) “A Strong-Minded American Lady”: Bloomerism in Texts and Images, 1851, Fashion Theory, 20:4, 381-413 This paper offers new perspectives on the reception of the women’s dress reform movement in Britain and North America. Focusing on a central case study of a satirical letter and accompanying illustration parodying Bloomerism, which was published on both sides of the Atlantic, periodical editorials are analyzed in light of contemporary social and political attitudes. In contrast to commonly held assumptions about Bloomerism having failed because of deeply entrenched gender norms, it is instead asserted that the eventual backlash against the Bloomer fashion was a result of the British association with America’s poor showing at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, and not necessarily because of inherent objections to its sartorial aesthetics. Keywords: Bloomerism, Great Exhibition, dress reform, female emancipation, Punch magazine
Marking criteria Essay • 30% The essay has comprehensively considered context in a professionally written and illustrated format • 30% An appropriate methodology to investigate this context has been set and followed throughout the research and writing of the essay • 40% Conclusions that advance and evaluate design practices have been reached; the abstract relates the key considerations and findings of the essay
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