For this activity you need to provide an example of where actual and potential health issues of the person have been identified using information from preliminary health assessment.

HLTENN011: Implement & Monitor Care for a Person with Acute Health Problems- Health Care Assignment Help



For this activity you need to provide an example of where actual and potential health issues of the person have been identified using information from preliminary health assessment.

This needs to have been done in consultation and or discussion with other members of an interdisciplinary health team.

Your answer should include details of:

The acute health problem
• What sort of preliminary health assessment was undertaken
• What actual and potential health issues were identified
• Details of other health team members

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Provide an example of how you have explained to a person, their family, or their carer about the potential physical and psychological impacts of acute health problems on their daily living activities. Your answer should include:

Whether you provided the explanation, to the person their family members, or a career, or a combination of these

How you provided the information, for example verbally, face-to-face, by phone, or other method

The details of the acute health problem, and brief details of the information you provided to them

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There will be times where you will need to engage in discussion and other communication with health team members about the care of a patient. These discussions may be formal, or inform, but still need to be undertaken with open and productive communication.

Briefly describe what strategies and resources might be useful in such conversations?

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Provide brief details of how you normally do each of the following:

Gather information
• Documented results
• Report changes to appropriate health team members

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In your practical activity for this unit you will be required to give a demonstration of assisting with the care of a person with a compromised airway. This activity relates to underpinning knowledge.

Refer to the emergency airway management PDF, and list the five steps in providing care for a person with a compromised airway?

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External feeding may be needed for patients who are unable to consume adequate nutrients, have impaired swallowing, have facial or throat abnormalities, eating disorders, or some other form of disease or condition.

What can external feeding tubes be used for?

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Provide an example, which may be a case study, of how you have or would use critical thinking and problem-solving to prioritise and or modify the nursing care for a person whose condition had changed or was otherwise altered.

Your answer will need to include details of the situation (which may be a case study), the condition of the person, the changes that occurred in their condition or situation, and how critical thinking led to adaptions which were more beneficial for the patient?

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How do you or would you ensure a patient/person understands the health care given or to be given, and how it can assist them to regain normal function and quality of life?

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Provide at least 2 examples of will possible psychological support and care that someone suffering from acute health problems might need?

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As a part of your practical activity for this unit you will need to perform nursing interventions for both preoperative and post-operative nursing care. For this activity you need to refer to the PDF provided and :
provide details of two things:

Details of what the initial PACU assessment should include:

Details of what should be included in the ongoing 15 minute observations:

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Briefly describe the role of the nurse for each of the following in preoperative assessment and care:

Preoperative patient evaluation and education
• Holding a nurse
• Anaesthetic nurse
• Circulating nurse
• Instrument nurse
• Scrub nurse
• Post-surgery recovery nurse

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Briefly provide a couple of samples of potential post operative complications, and how these would be dealt with in your area of nursing?

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What is the role of the nurse for post anaesthetic observation?

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An important part of a patient regaining optimal health after surgery, is mobility. What strategies can you undertake to hasten an increase post-operative patients ability?

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Briefly describe the process and policies utilised for post-operative pain management by your organisation or area of nursing activity or training?

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Provide an example of where you have been involved in a response to a first aid request from emergency response team, including accessing and preparing drugs used during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This may have been in a simulation or a real situation, but the details need to be provided will including the situation, your role, in the process details of team members, any other relevant information?

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