Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography: A Comprehensive Review for Nursing Students

A nursing annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, articles, websites, etc.) with brief descriptions of each one. This article introduces nursing Annotated Bibliography and provides Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography.(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)

Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography

Nursing Annotated Bibliography

These descriptions can include:

  • The main argument or purpose of the source
  • How the source is useful for your research(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)
  • A summary of the main points in the source
  • An evaluation of the quality of the source

The following are the parts of a nursing annotated bibliography:

1. Title page: This includes the title of your paper, your name, and other relevant information.

2. Abstract: An abstract is a brief summary of your paper. It should include the main points covered in your paper and your conclusions.(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)

3. Introduction: The introduction will give an overview of your topic and explain why you are conducting research on this topic. It will also introduce the sources you will be using in your paper.(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)

4. Body paragraphs: Each body paragraph will cover one of your sources in detail. You will discuss how it contributes to your research and what information it provides. You may also include a critical analysis of the quality of the source.(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)

5. Conclusion: The conclusion will summarize your findings and discuss any implications for further research.

Here’s a nursing annotated bibliography Example 

Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography

  1. A Model of Self Care for an AIDS Patient
  2. A Study of Stress Levels In Patients With Elective Cholecystectomy
  3. Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults in Institutional Settings
  4. Accountability in Nursing: The Interrelationships of the Hierarchical Structure
  5. Activity in the Elderly: A Research Proposal
  6. Adaptation Nursing(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)
  7. Addicted Nurses: Opiate Addiction and Management of Nurses
  8. Adult Children Caring for Elderly Parents
  9. Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  10. Advanced Nursing Practice Issue: Alternative Therapies
  11. Advantages & Disadvantages of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  12. Advantages of Breastfeeding
  13. Aging in America Sociological & Psychological Aspects
  14. Altruism and Nursing(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)
  15. Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic vs. Environmental
  16. Alzheimer’s Disease, The Brain, & Memory Loss
  17. Ambulatory Care Facilities(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)
  18. An Exploratory Study of Recipients Perceptions of Bone Marrow Transplantation
  19. ANA Position Statement on Accepting Assignments
  20. Analysis of Systems Theory in Nursing
  21. Analysis of The Derived Theory of Smoking Relapse
  22. Article on Assessing Sensory Blockade With Alcohol & Pinprick After Subarachnoid Block
  23. Article on Heparin & Haematoma Does Ice Make A Difference?
  24. Betty Neuman: Nursing Theorist
  25. Breast Cancer(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)
  26. Breast Cancer & Coping Strategies
  27. Breast Cancer A Look At Family vs Group Therapy Options
  28. Breast Cancer in African American Women
  29. Breast Cancer in African American Women Environmental Impacts
  30. Breast Cancer Report
  31. Breast Cancer Treatment Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy
  32. Breast Feeding Benefits, Misconceptions & Challenges To Public Health
  33. Budget Concerns and Nurse Managers
  34. Burnout In Nursing(Good Topics for Nursing Annotated Bibliography)

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More nursing annotated bibliography topics

  1. Cancer and Diet
  2. Cancer Patients and Music Therapy
  3. Care for the Elderly At Home vs. Nursing Home
  4. Caregiving And The Elderly
  5. Case Study of Elderly Patient Presenting With Confusion
  6. Case Study on Death and Dying
  7. Certified Nursing Aides
  8. Chemotherapy Pros & Cons
  9. Child Neglect and Abuse
  10. Cocaine Use, Pregnancy and Nursing
  11. Code Orange Alert – A Look At Nursing, Workplace Violence & OSHA Regulations
  12. Rosemarie Parse’s Theoretical Approach in Advanced Nursing Practices
  13. Secondhand Smoke & Nursing Intervention
  14. Sensory Changes and The Elderly
  15. Sex Education, Post-Myocardial Infarction
  16. Sexual Harassment
  17. Sleep Deprivation in Registered Nurses in Philadelphia
  18. Smoking Cessation
  19. Smoking Cessation With Post-Operative Head and Neck Cancer Patients
  20. Sociological Journal Article Analysis
  21. Sr. Callister Roy: Nursing Theory
  22. Stem Cell Therapy
  23. Steven Levenkron’s The Best Little Girl in the World
  24. Tetragens and Birth Defects
  25. The Benefits of MIDCAB Versus Standard Coronary Bypass
  26. The Benefits of Warming Treatment for Emergence From General Anesthesia
  27. The Best Choice; A Placebo or Traditional Treatment
  28. The Caring Philosophy in Nursing
  29. The Cesarean Procedure An Overview
  30. The Child Diabetic
  31. The Controversy of Euthanasia
  32. The Effect Of Pre-Operative Teaching in Outpatient Surgery
  33. The Effects of Aging
  34. The Effects Of Alzheimer’s Disease On Brain Structure
  35. The Emergency Room Today
  36. The Environmental Issue of Secondhand Smoke: The Implications for Pediatric Nursing
  37. The Family Nurse Practitioner
  38. The Fate of Social Security
  39. The Future Of Nursing Competency Based Orientation
  40. The Human – Canine Bond Animal Assisted Therapy
  41. The Impact of Agency Nurses on Quality Health Care
  42. The Impact of Chronic Illness on Marital Satisfaction
  43. The Importance of Education in the Nursing Profession
  44. The Importance Of Research In Nursing Practice
  45. The Individual, Society, & Health In Education
  46. The Interpretation and Assimilation of Nursing Articles
  47. The Kangaroo Method of Caring for Low Birth Weight Infants
  48. The Management of Certified Nursing Assistants as Unlicensed Personnel
  49. The NCLEX-RN Success And Utility For Associate Nursing Degree Graduates
  50. The Neuman Systems Model
  51. The Nursing Profession Providing for Those of Other Cultures
  52. The Nursing Shortage Safety Concerns
  53. The Physiological Concepts of Sleep Implications for Nursing
  54. The Process of Bereavement: An Outline
  55. The Question of Nursing Responsibility When It Comes to Cultural Diversity
  56. The Return Of Thalidomide
  57. The Role and Function of the Clinical Nurse Specialist
  58. The Role Of A Clinical Nurse Specialist
  59. The Role of Communication in Health Care
  60. The Role of the Nurse in Ambulatory Care
  61. The Role of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
  62. The Seasons of a Life
  63. The Servant Leadership Principle in Nursing
  64. The Short & Long Term Effects Of Eating Disorders
  65. The Shortage of Registered Nurses
  66. The Social Security Act Of 1935 Impact On The Nursing Home Industry
  67. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
  68. The Structural-Functionalist Perspective in Nursing
  69. The Value of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in the Treatment of Patients
  70. Tinnitus and its Effects on Sleep
  71. Unionization of Nursing and It’s Impact on Patient Care
  72. Vaginal Birth After Ceasarean Section
  73. Virginia Henderson Key Name In Nursing
  74. Vitamin A and Birth Defects
  75. Women’s Health in the Western Modern Medical System

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Structure of a nursing annotated bibliography outline in APA

Here's a basic structure of a nursing annotated bibliography in APA

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