Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example

Mental illness, addictions, poor family dynamics can be treated with the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). One type of CBT is group psychotherapy which brings together people with common situations, experiences or mental illness. This can be a group that shares depression from losing a loved one, or addiction, or a family that struggles to coexist. Group CBT has many benefits that individual therapy does not offer. These benefits include the participants form a social network that gives them a sense of bonding, and a sense that they are not the only ones who has an illness, or experienced a traumatic event, or became addicted. Participants can learn listening from others and self-reflect and give way for personal growth. Talking to others who has experienced the same struggles may seems easier for certain participants to open up and share feelings that they wouldn’t with such as a licensed counselor who never had these same afflictions (Wolgensinger, 20115).(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example

                                 Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 Individual CBT gives the opportunity for the participant to share feelings that they may not if was spoken in front of others. It also gives the counselor to ask more specific questions. In the YouTube video What a Cognitive Behavioral Session Looks Like (MedCircle, 2019). This interviewer directs the CBT by asking specific questions that would may not be possible in a group. Individual CBT allows direct one on one therapy that the use in a group may not be feasible with the dynamics in a group setting. As seen in the video, directional questioning can direct the session to what core beliefs are causing the negative thinking, addiction, or other issues. Research has shown that individual cognitive therapy provides a faster response in weight loss in binge eating patients than ones who participated in an individual cognitive behavioral therapy (Wiffely, Stein, & Robinson, 2002).(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

                              Challenges of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Challenges a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner could see in the community include access to therapy. This can be unable to afford therapy due cost, lack of insurance, or lack of access in the community. Since the pandemic of Covid-19 telehealth has increased significantly in the healthcare industry. This allowed people to access care from various parts of the community to a single care provider. This also included telehealth providing individual cognitive behavioral therapy sessions. Telehealth CBT has many advantages and disadvantages for both the patient and the provider. In 2020, much of the healthcare industry was forced to participate on the challenges and opportunities, including CBT. Fast forward to present day, and one can still find provides using telehealth for part of or all of their provided care. Providers now have some challenges in dealing with this remote care. Patients may have a feeling of not opening up due to the awkwardness of being on camera, others could be in the next room at the patient`s house, making them limit their dialog. A research paper has shown patients with eating disorders engage in more frequent binge and purging when these patients were switched to telehealth CBT (Murphy , Cooper, Calaugi, & Gave, 2020). Using telehealth for group CBT could entail disadvantages, the provider could have a challenge controlling the environment the therapy takes place in. If a family is at home using telehealth, they may show an episode of behavior that needs the provider to take back control of the session. This could be a challenge if the family is not in office type setting. The family may be more prone to ignore a person on a computer than that of a provider situated in the same room. Telehealth has many advantages and disadvantages, if the provider participates in this form of care, he/she/they need to learn various techniques to give optimal care.(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Comparing Group, Family, and Individual Settings

Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family or individual settings.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a technique that helps individuals identify troubling behavior, thoughts and emotions. It is targeted at helping the client to modify thinking or behavior, deal with emotions, or process significant issues/events. CBT can be delivered in group or individual settings. In a group setting, CBT involves a trained professional engaging a group of individuals at the same time(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example). The group setting offers more opportunities for exposure to social situations, social support, reinforcement, positive peer modeling and normalization. Additionally, the group setting is more cost effective for the clients and saves medical resources (Guo et al., 2021). The setting takes in two or more clients who interact with each other and share their concerns and problems. The therapist fosters an environment of mutual understanding and respect where the participants gain a better understanding of themselves, strengthen their self-respect and improve interpersonal relationships (Neufeld et al., 2020).  (Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

In individual setting, CBT involves a trained professional helping a single individual through the therapeutic process in working through situations, emotions, concerns and thoughts. The individual setting offers more opportunities for treatment individualization to address the specific needs of the client. In addition, the individual setting allows for avoidant behavior to be more readily addressed (Guo et al., 2021). It is notable that the individual setting is characterized by a one-on-one interaction between the therapist and client, with the approach and process tailored to the client’s individual needs even as the sessions focus on learning how to identify and change negative behaviors by developing coping skills (Neufeld et al., 2020).(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

Explain at least two challenges PMHNPs might encounter when using CBT in one of these settings. 

The use of CBT in group settings can present some challenges to the PMHNP. First, inflexibility, rigidity and resistance from the clients who may lack the intrinsic motivation to engage in the treatment. Some clients may feel forced to attend the therapy, maybe as part of court mandated treatment, in which case the client could be resistant to the therapy. Second, confidentiality in the group context as the clients are not bound to keep the disclosures confidential. There are no guarantees that the clients will uphold the confidentiality expectations. Third, difficulties with homework, especially for clients who are paranoid about writing, maybe illiterate, may not fully understand the homework, or whose mental state is not sufficiently focused (Ferrito & Moore, 2017).(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)

Explain why each of your supporting sources is considered scholarly and attach the PDFs of your sources.

The three journal articles used as supporting sources are considered scholarly because they are written by academics and experts. In addition, the two sources contribute to knowledge on CBT by sharing research findings, theories, and insights. First, the information presented in the articles is based on verifiable facts and has lists of references. Second, the authors are listed, work for institutions with good reputations, and have stated qualifications. Third, the information is current as it uses recent sources.(Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay Example)


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