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Access the following to complete this Assessment:

In this Assessment, you have been tasked with preparing a report for the Board of Trustees that evaluates several healthcare information systems and recommends the best system for your healthcare organization. Knowing that leadership experiences with health information systems vary widely, you will develop a report proposing your healthcare information system recommendation. You understand that for such an expensive and complex purchase, in-depth research must be disseminated beyond a simple recommendation. Your first objective, though, is to ensure that leadership approaches the acquisition with a solid understanding of the basic issues. Your report should be appropriate to the audience, succinct, and easily understood.

  • Report to Board of Trustees: HIT Recommendation
    • To begin your report:
      • Evaluate at least two healthcare information systems. Select one you think works best for the organization. Introduce and define the healthcare information system you selected. Explain core functions of the system and the impact these capabilities can have on the organization.
      • Summarize the value of the healthcare information system in terms of:
        • Improved quality, outcomes, and safety
        • Improved efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction
        • Improved service and satisfaction
      • Summarize specific attributes of this system that are particularly noteworthy:
        • Functionality
        • Unique abilities to interface with currently implemented systems
        • Alignments with other organizations within a system
        • Other
      • Briefly analyze key areas of concern the organization will need to be prepared to address in the implementation and evaluation of the healthcare information system.
    • Now that board members have a foundational understanding of the capabilities of—and need for—the healthcare information system, you must provide more in-depth research to support your recommendation by including the following:
      • Identify the healthcare information system you recommend.
      • Evaluate how the health information system is compatible to the organization’s mission, goals, and values.
      • Evaluate the core functions of the recommended healthcare information system and the specific impact these capabilities will have on the organization.
      • Evaluate the usability factors you addressed with the healthcare information vendor. Explain why you chose to address these factors.
      • Recommend strategies for evaluating the healthcare information system’s usability.
      • Explain how the healthcare information system will integrate with other products.
      • Explain how this system ensures absolute privacy and security.
      • Describe the vendor support that will be supplied if the system is adopted.
      • Evaluate vendor reliability and stability.
      • Provide a cost estimate of the healthcare information system.
      • Describe the selection and acquisition process by developing a timeline noting the major milestones of the process.

health information

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