A conclusion is the final chapter of your dissertation writing, and it sums up the key points of the research you have conducted. A good conclusion should tie together all your dissertation’s chapters and finalize dissertation writing. Specifically, it should connect the introduction, research problem, research questions, and the research’s implications and findings. A conclusion should also depict how your information impacts the reader or/and society as a whole. Normally, the length of your conclusion is dictated by the dissertation itself. An average conclusion is 5%-7% of the dissertation’s length. However, we advise you to consult your instructor or the faculty’s guide to be certain.

Students often cannot tell the difference between a conclusion and a discussion, using these two interchangeably. While they may both have some similarities, a dissertation conclusion is shorter, and it takes a general viewpoint, unlike a dissertation discussion. In the discussion chapter, the author explains what his/her findings are and their implications. Since you are not supposed to simply restate all the key points in your dissertation, what exactly should you include? And how should you go about it? These are some of the questions that students struggle with. Not to worry, our academic writing company will walk you step by step through the process of writing a dissertation conclusion.

4 steps to write the perfect dissertation conclusion

  1. Restate the thesis 

The first and easiest way to start writing your conclusion is by restating the thesis statement. This does not mean you copy it word for word. Instead, rephrase it and use different wording and structure. Remember that the conclusion is where you tell the readers whether your thesis was right or/and whether its goals were achieved. After restating the thesis, answer the research questions clearly, briefly, and concisely.

  1. Reiterate key points and findings

Review all the main points in your dissertation. Since the first chapter, the readers have been with you, and now is a good opportunity to remind them of some of the crucial points of your dissertation. Remember to reword these key points and not copy them word for word. You can also quote some of your work’s most important statistics and quotations. Indicate your study’s journey and tie its findings to your expectations.

  1. Highlight key recommendations

Recommendations are practical suggestions resulting from your own findings. A very important part of the conclusion indicates some of the main topics you would like to see in future studies. Keep in mind that these recommendations should be factual and relevant to your study’s topic.

  1. Highlight your dissertation’s contribution

Apart from increasing your academic field knowledge, a dissertation is supposed to contribute to it significantly. By the time he/she is finishing reading the dissertation, the reader should be convinced that you have advanced your area of study significantly.

Mistakes to avoid in your dissertation conclusion

  • Long conclusion: A prolonged conclusion comes about when you want to include almost every point in your dissertation. Focus on only the key points and findings. A long conclusion will waste your time and the audience’s time.
  • Short conclusion: A short conclusion risks not containing all the dissertation’s key points. Missing vital points in the dissertation will make your conclusion and dissertation feel incomplete.
  • Questionable conclusion: Sometimes, students write a conclusion that has no connection to the dissertation, or if there is one, it is very weak. Do not make implausible statements in your conclusion, and ensure that your conclusion reflects your work.
  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes :Having structural, grammatical, and spelling errors in your work will leave a bad impression on your readers. To avoid this, give yourself ample time to proofread your work. Please share it with your friends, parents, or classmates for proofreading. Another option is using our coursework writing services. 
  • New ideas: This is one of the worst mistakes you can make while writing your dissertation. Avoid including anything new – anything not contained in your study.
  • Doubting yourself: Using phrases such as “I am not an expert but” or “I think” or “I feel” will undermine your whole study. Such phrases will only weaken your work by evoking to the reader that you are not sure of your work.
  • “In conclusion”:  Since the reader can tell they are approaching the end of the dissertation, words such as “In summary” and “In conclusion” are redundant and cliché.
How To Write A Conclusion For Your Dissertation
How To Write A Conclusion For Your Dissertation

Viewing your conclusion as a passage that will leave an impression on your reader is a helpful hack in dissertation conclusion writing. Be confident in your ability and find unique ways to write your conclusion. Do not sell yourself or your conclusion short since it will leave a bad impression on your readers.

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