Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

The crisis intervention human service delivery system of my choice within criminal justice is a domestic violence program in a police department. Domestic violence refers to any form of abuse between adults or teenagers in any form of relationship (Casale, 2016). Because of the increased number of incidents impacting both men and women, intimate partner violence has become a severe public health issue, resulting in homelessness, disability, fatalities, high healthcare costs, and decreased productivity (Casale, 2016). Domestic violence is addressed by ensuring the victim’s safety, imposing appropriate legal repercussions on the batterer, and handling the victim’s emotional effect and the perpetrator’s problems, especially if one of the issues is any form of drugs or substance abuse.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            Some of the services offered by the domestic violence program include the protection of the victims. Protective initiatives are designed to save victims’ lives, prevent injuries, and safeguard property (Hassell, 2020). The top priorities of such measures must be to protect the men and women involved and children and other close relatives caught up in the violent acts. Children are covered in various ways; custody arrangements are put into place. The type of contact an abuser has with a minor is also determined after considering the level of risks involved (Hassell, 2020). Visits or interactions with the perpetrator are suspended, dependent on the extent of the violence. When the victims inform the relevant people of the existence of weapons, the weapons are confiscated. The action ensures the safety of the victims and the people around them(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example).

            Part of the function of the domestic violence program is to ensure that the abuser is excluded from the ordinary residence. The safety of a victim is always the topmost priority in domestic violence cases. In extreme cases, victims of domestic violence are provided with safety shelters (Hassell, 2020). They are also provided with counseling services because domestic violence is a traumatic experience that can damage the victims, especially underage children; it may hurt them for life.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            Professionals in domestic violence programs assist people who are distressed and may require medical, emotional, or legal assistance. Talking with people in crisis, who may be highly emotional, requires a steady attitude and a calm demeanor (Reid et al., 2020). Empathy, patience, and compassion are essential characteristics needed to effectively deliver mental health and crisis intervention services.  Individuals in crisis are vulnerable and often afraid; they will find it incredibly difficult to open up to someone they do not trust and who does not treat them with kindness (Reid et al., 2020). Without trust, a professional will be unable to connect with victims to provide genuine assistance and encouragement. For example, women and children who are victims of domestic violence are often more comfortable with female professionals than male professionals (Reid et al., 2020). A male crisis professional must be responsive to that concern and be ready to remove himself from situations where his involvement may be more impediment than a benefit. In this case, a male professional might operate on the sidelines, organizing resources and making reservations for safe housing arrangements. At the same time, a female colleague provides face-to-face assistance and guidance to the victims.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            Individuals who are in the midst of a crisis are, by nature, unbalanced. Depression, stress, despair, guilt, anger, fear, and various other negative feelings are common in their lives. In these instances, a crisis professional must have patience and compassion (Reid et al., 2020). Crisis intervention professionals should also be well-organized, knowledgeable about local social resources, and capable of keeping extensive case files and notes on their clients. They should be outstanding communicators, approachable, and capable of passing on their knowledge to others (Reid et al., 2020). They should also have the psychological and emotional resilience to tolerate extended periods of exposure to other people’s tragedy, anguish, and terror. It is a career path that might lead to emotional exhaustion; professionals must look after themselves and their consumers to avoid this.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            Crisis intervention offers individuals who face psychological discord and who feel overpowered by their life situations—individuals who have depleted their effective coping strategies and undergo personal suffering (Reid et al., 2020). Situational crises can be expected, such as divorce or failing a class, or they can be unpredictable, such as an unintentional death or natural disaster. Both types entail a shift in circumstances, frequently accompanied by a loss, that might cause an individual to have a crisis reaction. There are also other causes, such as domestic violence.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

There are skills needed to manage cases of domestic violence. Identification acknowledges the presence of an issue and focuses on the event’s importance in the person’s environment and the person’s current functioning. The crisis or occurrence might be classified as developmental or situational. Good assessment skills are needed. Professionals examine the effects of the incident on the individual (Reid et al., 2020). (Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)The whole process starts after detecting a crisis and a person in the situation. The evaluation is typically conducted in an interview, during which the professional tries to express a sense of acceptance, encouragement, and serene confidence in the future (Reid et al., 2020). The intervention takes place after the situation and the person affected have been identified and assessed. Police officers, correctional officers, security officers, and other professionals must continuously make quick decisions about handling situations. For conflict resolution, protection, and stopping a problem from escalating, the capacity to make the appropriate judgment is critical (Sullivan & Whiteley, 2019). Making the wrong decision may bring about fatal consequences, especially in situations revolving around domestic violence.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

            To sum up, the characteristics, skills, and actions needed by government agents differ from those required by social workers or practitioners in mental health. Government regulations and laws majorly influence government agents (Sullivan & Whiteley, 2019). Most of their characteristics emanate from the requirements of the law. Everything done by government agents has to be critically assessed and done per the law. Government agents also handle severe cases such as intense domestic violence and drug crimes (Sullivan & Whiteley, 2019). Social workers or practitioners in mental health majorly need high self-awareness, empathy, and sensitivity to deal with community cases.(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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(Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
Human Service Delivery System Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

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