Week 2 discussion Understanding Nursing Research, Ch. 4: Examining Ethics in Nursing Research After completing this chapter, you should be able to: 1.Identify the historical events influencing the development of ethical codes and regulations for nursing and biomedical research. 2.Describe the ethical principles that are important in conducting research on human subjects. 3.Describe the human rights that require protection in research. 4.Identify the essential elements of the informed consent process in research. 5.Describe the role of a nurse in the institutional review of research in an agency. 6.Examine the benefit-risk ratio of published studies and studies proposed for conduct in clinical agencies. 7.Describe the types of possible scientific misconduct in the conduct, reporting, and publication of healthcare research. 8.Critically appraise the protection of human rights and the informed consent and institutional review processes in published studies. 9.Critically appraise the treatment of animals reported in published studies. Research Ethics Guidance Explore the National Institutes of Health Patient Recruitment web page to understand the seven guiding principles of ethical medical research. Search the Office for Human Research Protections website to understand its role in research. Understanding Research Consent As a BSN-prepared nurse, you will likely be asked to witness patients signing research consent forms. It is important to understand how to advocate for patients. Consider the following question: How can you determine if a patient understands a research consent form and how the research trials or study will affect them? Write a 260-word summary. Local campus students: Prepare to present and discuss your summary in the next class meeting. Online students: Post your response and respond to at least one classmate’s post. Informed Consent Examples Find online examples of informed consent forms for research. Post the link to one website with a 175-word explanation of the type of study for which the form would be appropriate. After you look at the sites posted by classmates, post a 90-word comment on the differences among consent forms used for different types of studies. Activity adapted from Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice (Ch. 4) TEACH Resources Research and Code of Ethics for Nurses Please review the presentation and think about the aspects of the Code of Ethics for Nurses that apply to your proposed research question. The presentation does contain sound so please have your speakers turned on.

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