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1.1 IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example
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IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Provide a problem statement (no less than 5-6 fully structured sentences) to explain the problem/issue you are addressing. Please describe the current practice/process leading to the issue. Provide reports or currently available data to document the need identified by the primary decision-maker(s) at the practicum site. NOTE: In this section you must include in-text citations with your evidence-based intervention.(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Schizophrenia prevalence varies globally and in the US. Ideally, it ranges from 0.33% to 0.75% globally and 0.25% to 0.64% in the US. Nonetheless, non-adherence to medication is well-documented among schizophrenia patients both domestically and internationally. According to Desai and Nayak (2019), 70% of individuals with schizophrenia are non-compliant with their medication. This is a national and international concern.At the practicum site, there is increasing evidence of non-compliance to Schizophrenia medication, suggesting a need for evidence-based intervention. Telephone-based MI has been linked to improved medication adherence (Palacio et al., 2019; Abughosh et al., 2019). Other studies have also established the role of MI interviewing therapy on improved medication adherence for various mental and physical health conditions including schizophrenia (Aubeeluck et al., 2021; Palacio et al., 2019; Abughosh et al., 2019; Hogan et al., 2020;Harmanci & Budak (2022).(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Fully describe your proposed project’s population (keep in mind students and/or faculty are not allowed). What is your anticipated sample size and what inclusion, and exclusion criteria will be used to identify your population?

The project population typically includes schizophrenia patients experiencing thinking or cognitive, behavioral, and emotional problems. The patient population consists of both men and women reporting at the facility or requesting home visits from the mental health team based in the communities. The study will include 50 consecutive schizophrenia patients following up with treatment at the facility or home. The inclusion criteria required patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia according to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases-10 criteria, patients aged between 18 and 65 years, patients receiving treatment for the last 6 months, follow-up patients, patients with multiple schizophrenia episodes, and patients with recent psychotic relapse after non-adherence to treatment. The exclusion criteria include acutely psychotic patients during the interview and patients with cognitive deficits impacting the interview or data collection. Individuals age 18 years and below, those who do not possess mobile technology, and those whose first language is not english will be excluded from the study. Existing users of health services at the facility will be requested to participate in the study. Informed consent will be required to collect data on the participants. In addition, any follow-up schizophrenia patient attending psychiatric evaluation in the inpatient or outpatient departments will be recruited for the study after consent. The first 50 consecutive schizophrenia patients that fit the inclusion criteria will be involved in the study. Participation requests and study details will first be communicated via text messages, which are suitable even for older patients. .(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Provide a concise overview of what you will do each week during the implementation phase of your project to address the issue within the practicum site. Common language should only be used for weekly monitoring, including formative evaluation, observation, feedback, huddle, and one-to-one conversation. The final weeks should include data analysis along with dissemination of the results. Note your implementation phase must take place over a minimum of eight (8) weeks. Recruitment, education, and data collection weeks are NOT included in the eight weeks of implementation. The information you place here should match what you said in your high-level intervention plan on the DNP Practice Readiness Form from the NR730 Project course.

The DNP project will consist of motivational interviewing with technology use (Palacio, et al., 2016). Motivational interviewing will utilize OAR Model skills of open ended questions, affirmations, reflective listening and periods of summary. Motivational interview utilizing the 4 principles of E.D.R.S. which are express empathy, develop discrepancy, roll with client resistance, and support self-efficacy. Technology based intervention in the form of mobile app will be used as medication reminder to increase medication adherence using a mobile app called Mango Health app which is a free medication reminder app (Mango Health, 2017) will be uploaded on the patient’s mobile phone by the staff information technologist (IT). The patient’s medication (s) name dose and frequency will be input and will send a signal reminder to patient to take medication(s) and also when medication will need to be refilled (Mango Health, 2017)..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Week 1:

I will review EMR to determine participants that will fit inclusion criteria for this project. Participants will be contacted by phone and I will arrange an educational meeting with participants to fully explain the project and to obtain informed consent. Staff education will conducted as well to help with the administration of questionnaires, provide clinical expertise, and monitor the intervention implementation. I will meet with the Information Technologist (IT) who will assist participants in downloading the mobile reminder app and input relevant participants’ data. Participants will complete a Brief Medication Questionnaire to obtain data on number of medications missed and barriers to taking medications..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Week 2-9

I will meet with participants weekly by phone in order to support medication adherence, discuss, and journal the barriers participants may be having with medication adherence. I can assist participants to navigate barriers identified with medication adherence as needed throughout the project. Motivational Interviewing will be used delivered weekly during in-person meeting with the project participants. I will carry out follow-up, support, formative evaluations and technology support weekly and on an as needed basis which will be journaled. Depending on the prescription frequency, I will help the participants set medication reminders/alerts and send personalised messages to support medication adherence base on needs..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Week 10: I will re administer the BMQ to obtain post implementation data in the outpatient setting. Statistical analysis will be done. All participants will be thanked for their participation.  .(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Week 11: I will disseminate the project results to the key stakeholders.

Describe the resources you will need during your implementation phase (i.e., conference room(s), projector, handouts, human resources, etc.).

I will need a conference room to meet and educate the participants on the project and their roles and brief the nursing staff on the project design, methodology, and their roles. I will use my phone and subscribe to voice calls. I will need the mobile reminder app and IT support to upload the mobile reminder app onto participants’ mobile phones and input relevant data. I will prepare education materials to fully explain the project and to obtain informed consent from participants. I will also need staff support to administer questionnaires, provide clinical expertise, and help monitor the implementation of the intervention. I will print and provide the BMQ questionnaires to obtain data on medication adherence and barriers to taking medications. I will need SPSS statistical software to analyse the data collected from the BMQ..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

ObjectivesContent (Topics)Teaching MethodsEvaluation Methods (Observation Formative Evaluation)
The participants will be able to understand the benefits, risks, and their roles in the study.Informed consent – Confidentiality and privacy  .(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)  – Presentation with visual aids – Interactive discussion and Q&A session.(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)– Pre and post-test assessments questionnaire – Feedback from participants.(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
The nursing staff will be able to identify the purpose of the protocol..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)– Study design and methodology – Implications for clinical practice– Presentation of the study protocol – Interactive discussion and Q&A session – Case studies to illustrate practical application.(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)– Observation of implementation of study protocol

Fully explain your data collection plans to measure your intervention’s impact. Include a concise description of the measurable outcome you identified in your practice question. Provide the name of the tool/instrument(s) you will use (if appliable) and discuss its validity and reliability with in-text citations from supporting literature. Additionally, fill out the chart below to concisely convey your measurable outcomes and the name(s) of the valid/reliable survey tool/instrument(s) you will use..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Measurable Outcome(s) as Identified in the PICOT QuestionData Collection Process Pre- and Post-Intervention
Medication non-adherencePre and post collection of medication adherence from the EHR.
Compliance with Motivational InterviewingConducting weekly phone calls with participants and documenting content of the conversations in a journal. Checking the Mango Health App to determine if the medication reminders were followed and asking the participants about their adherence during phone calls. Evaluate the BMQ to gather information on number of missed medications and barriers to medication adherence.  .(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

Explain your plan for data analysis. Identify the statistical test(s) you will use to bring meaning to the final data you collect at the completion of your project..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Descriptive statistics will be used to summarize and analyze the data and provide an overview of the characteristics of the study population by using motivational interviewing. Measures such as means, medians, frequencies, and percentages will be used to describe the distribution of variables and identify any patterns or trends in the data..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Pre and Post BMQ scores would be compared used a t-test.

How will you manage the data you will collect within your project? What safeguards will you have in place to protect the data over time? How long will you maintain the data and what will be done with the data after this time?

I will manage the data collected during my project using a secure electronic database with strict privacy and confidentiality protocols in place. I will maintain the data for seven years and dispose of it securely. All personal identifiers will be removed or destroyed before disposal or archiving to protect the confidentiality and privacy of participants..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Describe how you will disseminate the results of your project with participants, the practicum site, and Chamberlain College of Nursing. Do you have plans to share this project in the future as a podium or poster presentation? If so, how will the data be protected to ensure the confidentiality of project participants?.(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

I plan to disseminate the results to the participants, the practicum site, and Chamberlain College of Nursing.

No identifying information will be disclosed during the presentation as the patient information will be coded and de-identified (The presented data will be in aggregated form only). To disseminate the results to the participants, I will prepare a summary report that includes the key findings of the project, recommendations, and implications for practice. During the meeting, I will give a presentation highlighting the study’s main findings and the significance of the study for their practice.To disseminate the results to the practicum site and Chamberlain College of Nursing, I will prepare a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal..(IRB Prescreening Form Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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