Life & Death in the Third Reich by Peter Fritzsche.

This is a book review on the  “Life and Death in the Third Reich

Peter Fritzsche” 1. Always give the author’s main thesis.2. Always give some of the evidence that the author gives to support this major thesis.3. Identify the author and state his/her biases.4. Comment on what the book added to your understanding of the subject.5. Quote selectively from the book you are reviewing 6.  Whenever possible, bring some of your own knowledge to bear on the book;  something you have learned in class, read in another course, or from your own  experience.  If you have thoughts about ideas the author overlooked, mention them  in the review–but avoid giving the impression that you are an independent expert on the subject (if you are not); that gives a dishonest impression. The class is modern Germany 

Life & Death in the Third Reich by Peter Fritzsche

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