Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example

The healthcare setting is a general healthcare facility in Los Angelos, California, for treating various physical and mental illnesses. The organization adopts interdisciplinary teams that offer daily support and treatment for various patient populations to enhance care coordination. The teams include nurses, physicians, therapists, social workers, dentists, assistants, and other specialties. The healthcare organization receives about 100-150 patient visits daily across various departments and units. The hospital has a bed capacity of 90, and the average number of patients hospitalized daily is 27. On average, a hospitalized patient can stay at the facility for five days.(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

At the practicum, a potential patient practice problem is intimate partner violence, a considerable issue with lasting harmful impacts on patients, families, communities, and public health. IPV infringes fundamental human rights with significant physical and mental health consequences (Patra et al., 2018). Patient records at the practicum site indicate an association between IPV and physical and mental issues such as injuries, internal bleeding, depression, PTSD, social anxiety, and anxiety disorders. Also, most cases are underdiagnosed and therefore untreated, which adds to the problem because IPV is not entirely addressed or stopped on a case basis. Patients have also presented fatal injuries, especially women, which is worrying considering that healthcare providers realize most IPV cases are unrecognized until the victim requires healthcare services such as injury treatment and psychotherapy or a victim is brought for assessment by law enforcement officers. The project aims to increase IPV victims’ identification and stop it from occurring in the first place through interventions to ease identification and promote healthy, trustful, respectful, and nonviolent relationships. There is adequate research on the topic, with most addressing the association between IPV and patient safety, risk factors for IPV, impact on patients, individuals, families, and community, impact on healthcare costs, and prevention strategies (Cabello, 2020; D’Inverno et al., 2018; Gubi & Wandera, 2022; Mazza et al., 2021; Patra et al., 2018). IPV is still an issue today, and therefore, still being investigated to increase the body of knowledge to address the problem for a better future.(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


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(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Topic 2 DQ 1 Responses

Response 1


Thank you for the great post. You have comprehensively and clearly described the healthcare organization or proposed practice. Your proposed practice site seems to be a large organization with 325 beds comprising local and regional clinics and various services, including behavioral health, surgical, medical, and specialty services. I concur that postpartum depression, categorized as a major depressive disorder, is prevalent and often overlooked, given that it impacts 10-15% of mothers. It ranges between minimum to severe depression and affects the mother’s and child’s quality of life. Early identification is imperative to appropriate intervention and care improvement. I agree that routine screening is needed to help with the early identification, diagnosis, and treatment of postpartum depression.(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Premji, S., McDonald, S. W., Metcalfe, A., Faris, P., Quan, H., Tough, S., & McNeil, D. A. (2019). Examining postpartum depression screening effectiveness in well child clinics in Alberta, Canada: A study using the All Our Families cohort and administrative data. Preventive medicine reports14, 100888. Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Response 2


Thank you for sharing about your proposed practice site and the research problem you will address to enhance patient outcomes and experience at the site. The healthcare environment is guided by policies, ethical codes, regulations, and organizational culture, which require strict adherence. However, patient encounters are unpredictable, presenting uncertainties or moral and ethical challenges that present ethical dilemmas, hence the moral distress. I agree that moral distress contributes to nursing turnover because nurses can quit when they struggle to make moral or ethical decisions, especially when nurses know or believe they know the right thing to do. Still, it conflicts with policies, regulations, and the code of conduct at the facility hence cannot decide to take the right action to prevent specific harm (Morley et al., 2019). Nurses form moral judgments or beliefs, but there are constraints at healthcare facilities that compromise their values, commitments, and moral identity.(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Morley, G., Ives, J., Bradbury-Jones, C., & Irvine, F. (2019). What is ‘moral distress’? A narrative synthesis of the literature. Nursing ethics26(3), 646–662. Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

Response 3


Thank you for an informative and insightful discussion. You have comprehensively described the proposed practice site and the practice problem impacting patients. A vast majority of patients experience postoperative pain after undergoing surgical procedures. Controlling postoperative pain is vital in facilitating an individual’s quick recovery to normal functioning and reducing the potential for significant physiologic and psychologic effects related to uncontrolled or acute pain. There are several interventions for postoperative pain management, including opioid analgesic therapy. You have highlighted abdominal binders as an intervention, and I agree that they can help minimize postoperative pain, distress, and hemorrhage, especially after a cesarean section, according to Saeed et al. (2019).(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)


Saeed, S., Rage, K. A., Memon, A. S., Kazi, S., Samo, K. A., Shahid, S., & Ali, A. (2019). Use of Abdominal Binders after a Major Abdominal Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Cureus11(10), e5832. Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)

(Mental Illness Hospital Settings Comprehensive Nursing Essay Example)
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