Nurse Leader Interview Report and Analysis.

This assessment task requires you to interview (informal) a nurse (Registered or Enrolled Nurse – but not a student) who you consider to be a leader. It might be from your PEP experience (current or past), a friend or family member. You might want to write notes as you undertake the interview (please do not submit these notes).

If you identify them in your report, you should seek their permission/consent first, otherwise, use a pseudonym.

You need to take the information collected in your interview and then explore the literature to construct a report which responds to the following questions – 

  • Why did you select this individual? Why do you consider them a leader?
  • Through your interview data, identify three characteristics and/or attributes that this individual displays and do these correlate with the literature on leadership?
  • What contribution does this individual make to nursing care and/or the profession? How does their leadership influence the safety and quality of care? Provide a specific example.
  • What aspects of this individual’s leadership style do you wish to take forward into your own career? Provide justification for your response.

Nurse Leader Interview Report and Analysis

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