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Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples

Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples

Reply 1

Hi #Name,

 Going through your post was a pleasure as I came to encounter how a nurse can use Accountable Health Communities Health-Related Social Needs Screening Tool (AHC-HRSN).  One gets to appreciate the influence of unmet health-related social needs like food insecurity and homelessness, pointing out the need to make screening for social needs to be standard practice (Gottlieb et al., 2017). Contemporary nursing professionals in clinical practice should be aware that the nonexistence of pathways and established infrastructure and the long-held perception of time shortages are what makes community referrals remain the leading obstacles to the successful resolution of these social needs issues.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

Other sources that I interacted with bore evidence that the resolution of and other needs is bound to help reverse the social needs adverse effects on an individual’s health (O’Gurek and Henke, 2018). Successful utilization of this tool calls for consistent identification of the broadest set of HRSNs that community service providers can address, followed by the choice of a simple tool streamlined in such a way that its questions s are understandable to its audience. Lastly, this tool is evidence-based and guided by practical experience (Chung et al., 2016). With these elements, this screening tool would help the provider to help address housing instability, food insecurity, transportation needs, utility needs, and interpersonal safety.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)


Chung, E. K., Siegel, B. S., Garg, A., Conroy, K., Gross, R. S., Long, D. A., … & Fierman, A. H. (2016). Screening for social determinants of health among children and families living in poverty: a guide for clinicians. Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care46(5), 135-153.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

Gottlieb, L., Colvin, J. D., Fleegler, E., Hessler, D., Garg, A., & Adler, N. (2017). Evaluating the accountable health communities demonstration project. Journal of general internal medicine32(3), 345-349.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

O’Gurek, D. T., & Henke, C. (2018). A practical approach to screening for social determinants of health. Family practice management25(3), 7-12.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

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Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples
Nursing Discussion Reply

Reply 2


I could quickly identify with your post since I had also selected the AAFP Social Needs Screening Tool, yet I gained some new insights after going through the post. Regardless of the patient’s gender, successful utilization of this tool ensures that one can identify patients with unmet social needs like food, housing, utilities, transportation, and experience with interpersonal violence as they all impact health outcomes (Fraze et al., 2019). The provision of modern healthcare emphasizes the need by public health professionals to focus on a wide range of opportunities, initiatives, and incentives. Krueter et al. (2021) opine that besides assessing social needs, the AAFP and Health Lead screeners should also assess definitively whether their response requires help to address a particular social need. This need is premised on the rationale that across the world, social determinants like a person’s income and education are directly associated with health outcomes like chronic disease and mortality.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

Most importantly, the healthcare professional of the 21st century must ensure that they have a responsibility of actively helping their patients to address their social needs as these also have a significant impact on the latter’s health.


Fraze, T. K., Brewster, A. L., Lewis, V. A., Beidler, L. B., Murray, G. F., & Colla, C. H. (2019). Prevalence of screening for food insecurity, housing instability, utility needs, transportation needs, and interpersonal violence by US physician practices and hospitals. JAMA network open2(9), e1911514-e1911514.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

Kreuter, M. W., Thompson, T., McQueen, A., & Garg, R. (2021). Addressing social needs in health care settings: evidence, challenges, and opportunities for public health. Annual Review of Public Health42, 329-344.(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

(Nursing Discussion Replies-Comprehensive Samples)

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